Saturday, July 2, 2011

Golden Laws to Greatness: #1 Love Yourself


"I like what I see when I'm looking at me while I'm walking past the mirror."
                    Mary J. Blige in, "Just Fine"

Consciously critique your biggest critic, which is yourself.  Exorcise that personal demon and embrace the essence of your goddess.

We often prevent our own elevation by wallowing in the harsh criticisms we lavish upon ourselves.  Especially black women who carry the world's burden's and crucify our spirits when we do not show results or when we are not what we think we should be.  The mirror can be our cruelest invention.  Teach yourself how it can be your best friend.

When I say consciously, I mean every syllable of that overused word.  Some days you might have to talk about your love of self out loud. Read affirmations, stop in mid thought to change the direction of damaging idea, or stand without clothes in the mirror and genuinely admire who you are.  Gradually, the conscious practice will merge into the everyday ritualistic thinking that will guide us to making better decisions.  More so, instead of projecting a life of doom and misery into our mental projections that play out our lives in your heads, we will create a world where we win, where we love, where we are happy.

Stand in front of a mirror with bright lights on and pay attention to the points on your personal planet you have been neglecting.  Lovingly name every stretch mark, mole, booty dent, splotch, keloid, pimple, varicose vein, gap, bald patch, lopsided breast, black toe, and every other perfect imperfection you see.  Love it, own it then bless it. These physical features are part of you, part of your story, but your spirit gives them life.  If you hate it, the world will hate it. However, if you love your stubby toes, trust, there will be someone who will sincerely suck the shit out of your toe and love you more for allowing that intimacy.

Destination: Bahia, Brazil. The people there will show you the meaning of life and personal love. Dance in a night parade letting it all jiggle.  Then take a trip down to Rio and soak up sun at a nude beach. 

Alternate Destination: Miami is the best city to travel when you want to get out of the country but can't.  Some parts are so heavily saturated by people of the Caribbean, South America, or the diverse populations of New York, you feel as if you left the strip mall, Disneyland appeal of the United States. 
Now we all can't just hop on a plane and go to Miami so draw up a warm bath with honey. You can also use sea salt or kosher salt (buy that for about 1.25 @ grocery store) and white tea lights. This is a cleansing of your temple and the opportunity to consume your beauty.

Lifestyle: "Color Purple" Broadway Play

Alternate Lifestyle: Any of the following concerts: Chaka Khan, Cassandra Wilson, Sy Smith, Rachel Farelle, Susana Baca, or Erykah Badu

Beauty: Ibeji Body Care Products. This right here smells scrumptious.  It made
by this sister out of Oakland.

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