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Golden Laws to Greatness: #2 Allow Yourself to Be Completely & Totally Loved

Allow Yourself to Be Completely & Totally Loved

I had a paralyzing fear of facing failure
And I couldn't love you perfectly with fear in my head
So I perilously had to face the danger
So I could come back and love you whole instead
All of your soul I said!
Lauryn Hill "Lose Myself"

We all have scars from severed relationships, friendships, cruel relatives, and other life experiences.  Some of us, if not many of us, place our hearts in a steel cage thinking that we are protecting ourselves against predators; however, we become the killers of our souls. Yet and still, we look at movies, read novels, and write scripts in our heads that yell "We want to be loved".

Many of us think that showering ourselves with material things is exhibiting self-love, but often that is an action that indicates we are substituting true self-love for things that will fade away.  Eternal love is this unmovable energy that sits on your head's crown, in the nape of your neck, with every pulse of your heart, at the base of your womb, in the small of your back, behind your knees, and at the balls of your toes.

For me, I did have to lose myself, meaning I had to release all I thought I knew about me and about life to reconnect with who I really was.  It was a volatile and painful death, but once I let go, I entered into a peace and became clear on what I wanted and needed.  When came into me, I finally saw him then allowed him into my world.

Surrender to your love, to his love, to her love, to universal love.  
Have I found the Promised Land? Hah! Once you think you are home you realize you have so many miles to go. So that's why I've cooked up some travel and lifestyle ideas for you.

Destination:  Try a Bed & Breakfast, there are many local B&B's that are in your town, or across town.  Even if you live in the country, or rural areas, many of the older homes have been transformed. Here is a list of some B&B's that have gotten attention for their stellar service.

Phoenix Risin' B&B located in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Baltimore is owned by Janice Orr, a sister who is a civil rights, international human rights, and entertainment attorney. For an additional cost, you may also have in-room massages, facials, manicures and pedicures performed by licensed practitioners. Check her out at Phoenix Risin', 1429 Bolton Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21217, Telephone: (410) 462–2692, Fax: (410) 523–3434, Email: jorrphoenixrisin@aol.

Glendale Glasslight Inn is in historic Glendale, AZ that describes itself as retro-chic. Ran by innkeepers Paul and Teresa Seabrook it offers unique cozy rooms, a coffee and wine bar, and a piano lounge reminiscent of the old west. 5747 W. Glendale Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85301. Phone for more information, (623) 934-9114

The Foley House awarded in the top 25 B&B's of the south and one of the most romantic in the country it is Savannah Georgia's oldest bed and breakfast. The Inn sits on a quiet street nestled between two of Savannah's oldest churches. Opulent in mesmerizing charm, attentive southern hospitality, and the legendary slower pace of the old south it is definitely a lover's getaway or can be a private retreat. It is located 14 W. Hull St, Savannah, GA  or call 1 (800) 647-3708.

Akwaaba Inns is made up of husband and wife team Glenn Pogue and Monique Greenwood. They have collection of upscale B&B's from Brooklyn to New Orleans. Locations are as followed Akwaaba Mansion (Brooklyn, NY); Akwaaba by the Sea (Cape May, NJ); Akwaaba at Buttonwood Manor (Cape May, NJ); Akwaaba D.C. (Washington, D.C.); Akwaaba in the Bayou (New Orleans, LA).  Their historical properties have been restored and renovated to top-notch lavishness. They are divine and worth every cent.  Check out their website or call at (866) inn-dulj or fax (718) 455-9697.

Alternate Destination: Your local day spa.

Lifestyle: Check out St. Lucia's Food & Rum Festival from October 30 – November 8  This festival features chefs from all over the Caribbean. It consists of dinners featuring menus from our invited chefs, lectures on rum, chef demonstrations, rum tastings of over 40 rums from across the region and concerts held on Saturday and Sunday night.

Alternate Lifestyle: A Damn Good Mojito. 7 sprigs of mint leaves, 1 small lime, 2 cups of water, ¼ cup of agave or turbinado sugar (I love it sweet), 2 ounces of brown Cuban rum (or to your desire, I prefer more J). Mix and chill over ice while listening to a Cassandra Wilson CD.  White jasmine candles are nice!

Beauty: Sprinkle pure cinnamon oil in your bedroom linen and on your pillows for love; Take a bath with rose petals, orange slices, and honey. All these things you can get out of your kitchen or access them easily (rose petals also come dried as a flower herb).

Health: Buy some rose petals, chamomile flowers, and raw organic honey to make a wonderful elixir then drink it ice cold (in the cold winter regions try it hot). Did you know you could drink rose petals? You can, it is a traditional drink in Senegal that is delicious.  If you look in the Latino sections of markets they sometimes have rose petals for $2 or less.  I used to pick them up in Los Angeles all the time in the store called "Food For Less" on Century and Western. To spice it up drop in a cinnamon stick.

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