Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cracker Coonery

So I was basking in my self-imposed break when I just couldn't take it anymore. A cracker has finally placed white people into the once special category designated to negroes, COONS.

Yep, Rush Limbaugh, I had to put your greasy ass right where it belongs. There is no other title I can give you other than being a cracker coon.

You are an uninformed, ignorant court jester whose purpose it is to speak nonsense that either makes people laugh or boo at you and throw rotten cabbage at your funky ass so that you can still create a buzz and keep a show that funds your prescription pills addiction and harem of three-legged goats that serve as the only species that can stand licking your shrunken testicles. (Had to take a long breath after that one. Okay, I can continue.)

Limbaugh, my white wildebeast, you are an official idiot. I will not waste much time with you as I come off of my mental break, but you are the sperm count from the burst condom your father still regrets.

So lets talk about this fabricated fight over women's reproductive rights. Oh my, how the establishment can get us twisted in a fight that really isn't a fight at all. You see, I come from a line of folk that would dare anyone to tell them when and where they can have babies. Bitches please. And I was reared in a good Catholic home that prayed the rosary faithfully, but was very wary about allowing the priests to have close relationships with their children.

Okay, so back to the contraceptive issue. I had to pause when white folks started spatting amongst each other about rubbers and birth control pills. And I mean an all out greasing your face fight over reproductive decisions that the Catholic Pope or any of his religious clergyman technically cannot make, because they don't fuck. Well, other than the thousand of pedophile rapists who have run a muck for the last uhhhhhh 1,000 or so years.

Is this how low people are getting? Contraceptives? Come'on now. This is like picking a fight with a paraplegic who is deaf and mute. Regulating your reproductive rights hasn't done shit to the economy.

Oh, I forgot, too many poor, Mexicans, and niggers are having babies and are on welfare, right? Wrong again. Government assistance in everything from unemployment benefits to corporate bailouts have never been so generous. Plus who is going to pick your tomatoes and star in all of the bullshit reality TV shows? Snooki? I'm heard she was a good Catholic and rode the Italian sausage raw so now she has a garlic bun roasting in her womb.

I'm so over this circus they call the political process. Look around people are suffering. Can we at least fuck in peace. I know I will. Mr. Ecosoul, we got a date tonight. Bring the whipped cream, K-Y jelly, and I"ll get the morning after pill ready.

Holla, blog on.

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Reggie said...


.....and don't forget that you'd better be doing it for the right reason.....procreation. Because sex for any other purpose is just nasty....and unnecessary.

Who the hell are these people?!?