Monday, June 4, 2012

My Beef With Women Beaters

Brian McKnight
So Brian McKnight is stirring up an already boiling pot that started to simmer with pussy songs and backshot melodies.

Now, he is firing back at intimate partner offenders Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather, plus pedophile R. Kelly (who have all abused women and in Kelly's case a middle school child) for critiquing his sub-par releases.

I know artists are sensitive creatures, and McKnight was prolly on that "I want to do something different and current" shit, but uhhh that pussy work song couldn't even make a shit hole strip joint. It was just poorly constructed all over.

I mean, Brian could've did what 98% of rap & pop artists are doing these days. Put out a song that has an infectious beat, although the lyrics and story line are bullshit. But I understand and sympathize with Brian's poor judgement in releasing a song his whack has sons who he performs with should've put on a mixtape.

Like the rest of us superheroes, we all get off of our 'A' game some time. Hell, after 15-plus Grammy wins, Brian gets more than a pass. Seriously, I would've forgotten the song after a couple of cruel jokes over a skanky pear martini.

His PR strategy worked.

Bravo Brian, you have become quite the social media item, and I am sure that an F-rated porn director somewhere in Istanbul will use your new music as a score.

Nonetheless, I must challenge Brian for calling out Brown, Mayweather and Kelly for doing some of the same shit to women. Although, Brian doesn't make hit records for beating a chick, the industry whispers (when I was writing) were that he consistently used to beat the shit out of his ex-wife. And that she, who is a passive person, agreed to keep their marital issues out of the news, or as was part of the settlement in the divorce. Probably both.

Yup, I'm talking about a blind item that was once posted on Concreteloop, that wasn't so secretive to a former entertainment journalist who often heard that McKnight's ass was tightly strapped to his shoulders and his pimp hand, inspired by Ike Turner, was always itching.

However, that is just rumor, so let's talk about a documented incident a couple of years ago with his sons who were 15 & 17 at the time, and gave a party while McKnight was away on tour.

Alana Evans, a then porn star, alleged that she was drugged then raped by one of their friends at the McKnight home during a birthday party for McKnight's son Niko. Charges were dropped, but some of the facts of the case raise eyebrows.

While a public statement by McKnight acknowledges that a party did occur, of which he claims he did not authorize nor know about, Brian never denies that the porn star was in fact, at house with minors who were unattended, drinking, and in the suit of celeb kids probably using drugs (okay so that's my subjective view). And the boys, who stated that Evans was at the house, also stated that the sex was consensual between Evans and said friend.

So what does that have to do with the tea in China? Hmmm, I guess they were prepping for the pussy work taught by dad.

So Brian, please, since you are a good Christian, you know what I mean when I say, "Let him without a domestic violence call be the one to cast right hook for a nice black eye." For now, my little sadistic kettle, refrain from calling the pot black.

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Reggie said...

I have absolutely zero respect for a man that hits a woman.