Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Sunday Laugh on a Wednesday: Santa Eats the Box

Oh shit, I am in tears at this hilarious version of Lil Kim, Grace Jones & Buju Banton. WTF! "Santa come down the chimney . . . Eat my vagina."

Does Santa eat Africana muff like its fufu and egusi soup?

I thnk I have seen it all for this season.

3 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

What in the flapjack tittie hell is going on in that video?!!!?

Whose son is making a complete ass out of himself like that?!?

....and on Christmas?!?

They're going straight to hell for that!!!!

Mankind isn't worth saving......

Reggie said...

It's just a shame that his father didn't come home from a long hard day at work and see him singing like that and kick him straight in his ass!!!

Eco.Soul.Intellectual said...

Bwahahahaha. Reggie, speak your truth.