Friday, December 17, 2010

10 Revolutionary Christmas Presents

There are several things I love about Christmas. But my favorite is to celebrate a Pagan Holiday with my Christian familia. Nothing like gathering in the name of Winter Solstice while eating and drinking until our hearts are content, and splurging on gifts.

This year, I propose that we gift each other with things that make us grow, as opposed to our usually trinkets. We need presents that will bring out the radical inner guerrilla. Here is a list of suggestions:

1. Voter Registration application.

2. Business plan.

3. A long overdue compliment.

4. A gold or silver coin. According to Mr. EcoSoul, the dollar is tanking faster than Cheney's heart condition. And speaking of that fucker Cheney, he gets a thumbs down for shushing Nigerian oil barons at the expense of years of toxic spills that have made a one beautifully lush region of Nigeria into a wasteland.

5. A non-fiction or fiction book by a black author that isn't street literature or waiting to exhale/ down low/ madeia type of bullshit.

6. Displaced property in Cleveland, Cincinnati & Detroit that is going for roughly $500 bucks.

7. A ticket out of America. to actually understand the beauty of living outside of the rat race.

8. An apology. Get that shit off your chest and let it go.

9. A ticket to FELA! That play does something to your constitution.

10. Non-GMO or Non-monsanto, preferably organic seeds. Know the miracle of growing your own food.

2 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

Hell I'd just settle for a blowjob. I'd be good with that.

By the way, this year I bought all of the Octavia Butler novels and read them......very interesting, very interesting indeed.

Eco.Soul.Intellectual said...

Reggie, I think your request is quite reasonable. I hope Mrs. Santa can comply.

And Octavia Butler is the ish . . . hands down. I would also suggest Tananarive Due. Start with "My Soul to Keep"