Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Black Super Hero - Danny Glover

My black folk vacation was short-lived because it was disrupted by the surprisingly pleasant news report of Danny Glover being one of several protesters who took on food management plantation, oh I mean, company, Sodexo.

Yeah Danny, stick it to them!

Just recently, Glover sent out a personal statement to attendees of the last Academy Awards asking them not to wear Hugo Boss fashion because the company was shutting down its Ohio facility and preparing to relocate the factory overseas.

Glover always made me smile. I had the opportunity to interview him when he did the movie, "Boseman and Lena" with Angela Basset about 10 years ago. It was film about a South African couple who lived in a Shanty Town attempting to save their home from being bulldozed.

Of course no one really heard about the movie because it was political and positive, and did not contain black coons, criminals, or a jiggy hip hop beat. It was great acting...well, I must say, Angela's accent was unbelievable at times.

Nonetheless, I proffer that Glover does not get the due recognition and certainly the acting opportunities that actors such as Sam Jackson or the good Negro Morgan Freeman (old man keep your dick in your pants) have gotten.

Glover is not new to civil agitation for the purpose of human and social progress, though he is one of the few who does it not for the accolades, but from the heart, especially when it is not fun, cute, or will bring more celebrity. That is hard to say as of late with the Haiti relief aid effort that surpassed genuine concern to relief aid-gluttonous porn.

Read up on Glover and you know he was not only been physically down to protest, but he has put forward over a million dollars, and he has long been in a blockbuster since The Color Purple and Lethal Weapon movies, 1 to 10.

Another little secret that folk don't know is that Glover, a long-time supporter and advocate for Haiti, has been trying to get more funding to film a movie about Toussaint L'Overture.

He already has received roughly $10 million from Venezuelan President Chavez in what was a $20 million package deal to also film a movie about successful Latin American liberator Simon Bolivar who sought refuge in Haiti during his freedom fighting. Of course Hollywood does not want to touch L'Ouverture or Bolivar because you have a black and brown man getting into the ass of the big Western powers through black movement that was unheard of during the 1700s.

And I have a personal acknowledgement for Glover. Years ago, myself and few brave souls protested for more inclusion of reporters at the Source Awards. The next day Marvet Britto, Glover's publicist, called me and said that Glover and Denzel Washington sent their congratulations.

Yes, Glover is one of the few black celebs that is not afraid to risk it all for the forward progres of humanity. Do you remember when black celebs made it a point to participate in civil and human rights struggles?

So folks, Ecosoul's abrupt end to her black folk vacation was welcomed.

Keep pushing D. Glover.

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RiPPa said...

Yes, Danny Glover is often overlooked as a Hollywood giant. But something tells me that having sex with a demon who felt the need for him to touch her on the inside part didn't help much also.

OK, that was a lame attempt at humor.

P.S. Love the new look!

Reggie said...

I remember Boseman and Lena, that was a good one. I've always liked Danny Glover and he's only played two roles that I hate him for, that awful role in The Color Purple and that lame cop in Predator 2. He was wrong for those two movies........everything else is gravy.

As far as Morgan Freeman is concerned, leave that horny old bastard alone......he's just getting his.

BigBruhBT said...

WOW, how could I have missed this(I didn't think the rock I was sleeping under was that big). Thank you for all the info on Mr. Glover, its awesome seeing him actively participating in the struggles of others throughout the world.

Whacko said...

Ah Danny, the nutjob who is friends with the dictator chavez and who implied the US caused the earthquake in Haiti with a sonic fart weapon. Yeah a real hero!!

Have you heard his recent interviews? He cant get an acting job because he is whacked out and wears tinfoil hats.

Anonymous said...

Of historical interest -- You can see a clip of Toussaint's last moments in prison from the award-winning new short film "The Last Days of Toussaint L'Ouverture" at This film is the basis for a new feature (not with Danny Glover) that is in development.