Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kiss My 92K Ass and Eat My Racket Beeyotches

the smell of victory is so sweet when someone you admire wins. fresh off of a bogus fine, serena flips off all of her "critics". not only did she raise 92k for her charity in response to a pricey 92k fine from US Open officials for her blasting the fucked up call of a referee; but she comes back and wins it again.

hah, if she had a flatter ass, paler skin, and real-long hair she would be more than a legend, but a goddes in tennis. but this sister, straight outta compton is one in my book.

much respect sis. now go give your boo, rapper Common, some booty. yup.

4 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

BigmacInPittsburgh said...


Reggie said...

Her ass is worth at least 92k; if she only paid that she got off light. I'm sure there are women all over the world that would pay at least that much for an ass like that.

By the way, she deserved the fine; she was completely out of line.

I always pull for her too and I always will.

EcoSoul said...

Reggie, how did I know you would say that? Now for the sake of argument, I will agree that a fine for verbal threatening the line referee is agreeable, but the amount of the fine is bullshit. Especially since Serena has been playing and never once spazzed out when she was being booed and called all types of shit when she played in many arenas by racist audience members. But I guess folk gotta continue to teach the negroes how to act in public hunh?

Reggie said...

The money is irrelevant. The fine is chump change to her anyway.

You could have called the circus, because she clowned during that match. The match was not only watched by thousands live, it was televised. Children around the world saw her classless act; and because of venues like ESPN and Fox Sports, hundreds of millions more saw it.

She should have been fined, what she did was classless and completely overblown. She has so much to be thankful for that one blown call wasn't worth all of that. For all her bluster, she's one of the alltime greats. Her fans deserved better than that from her.

When you talk of how she was booed, I think of men like Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson and women like Wilma Rudolph. What did they endure?!?

She should have taken her substantial winnings and went home and counted her blessings. By last count, her blessings number in the tens of millions.