Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti is a Modern-Day Chicken Pox on a Blanket: We Want Your Gold and Oil in Exchange for Old Biscuits

And so de furs' worl' peepul saz to de despurut haitians, "Oh you poor and broken people. We cry for your suffering. We shed tears as you bury your families. WE SINCERELY WANT TO HELP. We will give you old medicines and old biscuits in exchange for the untapped gold and oil reserves that were never fully developed."

For the last week I have marvelled at the outpouring to Haiti. I know that there are people who genuinely participated from their hearts; but it is unfortunate that with those who gave love in the form of prayers, monies, or donations, there were slimey sons-of-a-bitches who were taken photo op shots like hoodrats posing for buttshots in the back of a Cadillac.

That is one end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, as wonderful people who admire begged us to text a number to give to every "aid" organization under the Haitian sun, most of it will not go to those who need it.

It is my humble projection that the first world governments will actually take a huge portion of the monies and use it to establish bases to set up mineral and petroleum mines or extraction plants.

You see the other side of an "underdeveloped" country is the natural resources that are untapped as well. HAITI HAS MASSIVE GOLD AND OIL UNDERNEATH THEIR GROUNDS.

In fact, after Aristide's ousting, Canada, France, and the US began mining gold in Haiti. Now how in the hell does the fourth poorest country in the world still be poor?

As the Clooneys of the world plead with good intentions, the Bushes of the universe are smirking in the background and holding his blackberry to speed dial the investors of he and his daddy's gold mining company that already killed thousands in Southern African for natural minerals.

Ahh, I smell the set up, a modern day virus-infected blanket.

My Haitian people remember the saying of the Africans, "They had the bible and we had the land. Now we got the bible and they have the land."

Don't go for the banana in the tail-pipe.

5 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Goddess Intellect said...

ahhh shyt see I knew something was up..and I didnt want to be thinking that way either...
now its up to the same ppl who supported and donated to demand to see change. Its one thing to donate and sympathize but that has to be a 360 type of sympathy...more specifically a cycle of change and prosperity.
I'm also hearing that they are speeding up the international adoptions of Haitan orphans *gulp*

Devona said...

And this will never see the light of day on mainstream media. They like to show the misery and tragedy, but will never show what is actually behind the misery and tragedy. This way countries can continue to deny their culpability in Haiti's present situation.

@Goddess: I heard about how they are trying to expedite adoptions of Haitian orphans too. I smell a disaster. I hope and pray something good comes out of this.

Ensayn1 said...

Cynthia McKinney has written a great commentary on the resources in Haiti the U.S. can check it at my spot with links to the full story...

Reggie said...

Hopefully this won't become the movie "Avatar" all over again.

No matter what, there will always be those with "bad intentions" interspersed with those with "good intentions". The day it's not like that anymore, will be the day when we the people aren't involved anymore.

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