Sunday, January 31, 2010

9 News Bites in the Ass

1. Obama serves some righteous whoop-ass, but with a disturbing twist. Obama gives a State of the Union address that won in the "Balls of Steel" category. He called out, in his ever so charismatic way, the hypocrisies of the Republicans while laying out a plan to finally deal with the economic woes. Then the two days later, he shuts down the rhetoric, serving, immature and ruthless Republicans LIVE, in a face off, while the cowardice FOX news stopped coverage only to bitch and moan later that evening.

It was almost believable. BUT YOU, Bami, you said you will freeze federal spending in 2011 WITH the exception of military and the federal reserves. Uh oh, I smell a rat in a banker's suit and I smell more war. What will happen to those who still will not have a job by then? Oh, that is right, you said it will be better by 2011. Hmpf. I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Bami, I gotta give it to you on that speech. You kind of got with that Republican ass. NOW if your spine can parallel your balls and you move forward on key things and progressive issues, maybe just listen to the people, just maybe I will say something decent.

Also, I think Bami, you learned a good lesson, give them what they want before you give them what they need. If he would've laid out a better plan to get jobs, healthcare would've been an easier road to travel. We all learn Bami, this is your first year in White-now-Black House.

2. Christian kindness or Haitian booty? American "missionaries" were stopped at the Haitian-Dominican border for abducting 33 Haitian children they claimed they were transporting to the other side of the island to set up an orphanage. They lied and said that they got the okay from Haitian officials who reported their claims were false. Another news tidbit reported that Haitian families were giving their orphaned relatives to people they thought could provide a better home.

Okay, where do I start with this one. The reports of child-sex trafficking in Haiti are similar to the ones that began to surface after the Indonesian Tsumani in 2004. The trafficking and selling of Haitian orphans as sex toys and for their body parts has BEEN going on long before the quake. And it has been mostly in the name of Jesus. I was not shocked when that report came in.

Also, the DR is known for treating orphaned Haitian children like slaves. I hope they caught the real deal because with that one "arrest" there have already been thousands of children who have been "adopted". On the other hand, I am saddened and quite sickened by the idea of people giving away their family to strangers because they are white and think that they are the cousins of Jesus who will purify the children. That says a lot about Christianity in Haiti. Hell, if you still got that white Jesus hanging in your church, I think you need to stick to Voodoo. At the very least, your Gods are black.

Oh yeah, and I see that Angelina and Madonna made quite a trend with white folk adopting black children in developing countries. However, I found out one of the reasons why adopting internationally is better for the adopting parents, it would be hard for the biological parents or relatives to find the adopted child.

3. Patronizing America does it again. Haitians are still too corrupt and stupid to handle their money. So we will give them military as aid. The US government reported that less than 1 cent of every dollar donated to the Haitian fund established by the government will go to Haiti. Most of it will be in military aid and helping Haitians build as infrastructure with various US programs and personel because according to the US spokesperson, the level of corruption in Haiti is so bad, that giving cash to Haitian officials will not guarantee needed rebuilding efforts.

Ahh, classic case of white man destroys a country, only to tell the country what is good for them in rebuilding it.

4. Who Dat? Who Dere? Who Gives a Damn? NOLA. The NFL put the smack down on a local tee-shirt vendor who used "Who Dat" to sell Superbowl shirts in honor of the New Orleans Saints. The NFL claims they have the rights to the phrase "Who Dat" and anyone using it without their permission is in clear violation.

WTF, since when did a corporation take a local phrase? Oh, I forgot that's not new. If corporations have the rights to own DNA and seeds, the cultural phrase of "Who Dat" is small beans.

5. Joseph Kennedy says "Oops, maybe I should've ran for my uncle's seat." The nephew of the late Ted Kennedy told a reporter in Boston that he "regretted" not running for his deceased uncle's seat. The seat is now occupied by Republican Scott Brown who plans to change the Democratic sway in Congress.

Not shit Joseph it was a bad decision. But isn't there like a gazillion Kennedys in Massachusetts. The onus is not just on you, people get amnesia really quick. Ask Martha Coakly. They forget that they have to run a campaign and not assume things are handed to them.

6. Chavez says, Kiss my Latino ass, I'm coming to the party. The Dominican Republic will host a summit on how to rebuild Haiti in April. And the long-time critic of American policies, Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez is invited. The summit will be very interesting considering that Chavez has been very vocal about the cause of the quake, America! Chavez pointed out that science now has the capacity to create natural disasters such as quakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis (which they do), and this one was used by America to finally get access to the oil that Haiti has off its shores.

I love it. Dammit, I wish I could be there and see the exchange on that day. And Chavez, and make sure you bring a gas mask and holy water so if you smell sulphur or see the devil you can admonish it back to hell.

7. Black buying power up, black power down. In November 2009, the Selig Center at the University of Georgia estimated that black buying power would be about $1.1 trillion by 2014, with current spending power for blacks at about $910 billion. This shows an increase of consumerism by blacks who are also increasing in population due to the steady birth rate (though infant mortality is still atrocious in poor and urban communities) and black immigration numbers that are climbing.

Ironically, we have a black president who is in office while blacks hold the highest percentages of unemployment during this recession. And have been the first ones fired.

8. America Robbed in Broad Daylight and Getting off Scott-Free. If you missed the Congressional testimonies from various bankers during the coverage of the Haitian earthquake, it was really and dog-and-pony show that still excused inexcusable theivery of billions of dollars.

9. Free Land in Africa for Haitians and Black Americans. You've probably already heard that Senegal extended its hand and is allowing Haitians to relocate back to Africa for a new life. There has been another movement that has been going on in Ghana that many do not talk about. Not only can Africans in the Americas (that is South, Central and North) get dual citizenship in Ghana, but they can own land. There is movement called Fihankra International. It started in the mid 90s and is still offering land to folk who can build a house in 3 years there. I did a story on them in the late 90s and thought nothing of it until the other day I ran across their website.

I'm counting my pennies. If WEB DuBois thought Ghana was good enough for his bones to rest, dammit, maybe I need to rethink this American shit. Ho hum.

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