Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Comatose Negroes: Defriending the Ig'nant on Facebook

Two days, or was it the next day after the Haitian Earthquake I read disturbring fuckery from most of the black people on my Facebook. Everything from plush beaches in Hawaii to going to Disneyland.

I guess the $5 text to a Haitian fund has absolved them from their Puritanical souls, and allows them to keep it pushing. Bullshit and life as usual, until it happens to them.

Tsk-tsk, karma is an ugly bitch.

I really am itching to defriend them all. Why we so gone?

Oh, but biggups to Senegal for opening its country for Haitians. I think I gotta link to L'ouverture somewhere in my line, sheeyit, my folk from Louisiana.

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2 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Johnny said...

Right on sista,

I literally became disgusted when I read some of my so-called friend's status on facebook. What in the hell is wrong with our people?

It's like they live in the dream world, when the hurricane struck everyone posted something about the tragedy. The next day, everyone was talking about football or other trivial matters.

Reggie said...

Only a cold heartless person can hear about and see the suffering going on in Haiti and not feel their pain, particularly when the people look like them. I'm scared of any person of color that still isn't moved by what's going on there; and I would hope that all those in a position to give....have given.

This type of tragedy doesn't happen very often. It's hard to look at some of the ignorant comments I've seen online from a lot of Americans........especially from those of us of color.

It's a sad thing indeed.