Monday, November 2, 2009

Tyra Wears her REAL face, BLACKFACE

I refused to give energy to Tyra Banks’ attempt of sensationalizing real issues in communities of color such as hair, colorism, and body image. I even bit my tongue when she showed her “naturally’ permed hair at the beginning of the season. This time; however, I must speak on the inexcusable.

This past week, I was flipping through channels and stopped to watch a couple of minutes of the America’s Next Top Model. The photo challenge was to see how models posed in bi-racial costumes, a couple including models in black face.

Hmmm, I thought, this is something interesting; especially when there was a hoot a couple of weeks ago about a European magazine (Vogue Paris) that did the same thing on its pages.

Vogue Paris features Dutch Woman as a Moor

Of course, fashion “experts” including Tyra would probably use the artsy-fartsy excuse, but a report stated that Tyra was simply showcasing bi-racial identity.

Tyra’s response is very tired; especially since she’s been hooting and hollering about the lack of black models on the runway. Her display validates the continual use of white, or fair complexioned models who only need to charcoal their skin for the black scenes.

How “politically incorrect” of you Tyra? To use a platform to perpetuate the ignorance of color and black face performance, and exploit the serious issues around bi-racial identity. Your attempt to make biraciality “fashionable” was a fashion faux pas and a blatant gesture that shows how you try so hard, but consistently fail to be “intelligent and edgy.”

These two words cannot fit into one sentence when describing your recent tactless tactics that scream a tired and twisted ode to a bi-racial President.

1 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

Yeah blackface is ignorant and Tyra should have known better. She should also have been cognizant that one of the worst aspects of blackface is that for years we were ridiculed and in many instances there weren't any of US employed and getting paid to do what the buffoonery was mocking in the first place. While Tyra's beautiful, I'm sure there were times when she initially started modeling that she didn't get a gig because she was a woman of color.

If they really wanted to showcase an ethnic look......they could have used a model of color. There are plenty of them out there that would have loved to be paid for that shoot I'm sure.

Despite all of that, I'd still love to make babies with Tyra, she's hot!!!