Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Married Priest in the Catholic Church? MAKING the rules then BREAKING the rules

Raise your hand if you were traumatized by going to Catholic school. Do you see my hand? It is reaching about a mile high. Not only did I go to Catholic school, most of my formative years, but I was reared in the Catholic Church.

I bore witness to the Catholic Church’s hypocrisies firsthand. One of the “religious principles” that I always did not understand was the rule in which priests and nuns could not get married. It magnified as I got older and would look at these shriveled up white nuns, and agitated priests attempt to tell me about the Lord, with orgasms backed up from three decades ago.

I am sorry, that shit is not normal. It is not the oath of celibacy that is abnormal, but an order that imposes a law on a group of people that have notoriously defied it since the formation of Popes and Bishops who have historically been known to have lovers and children.

Now, after all these years of children being raped by priests and nuns; and scandalous love affairs that went on the rectory (or should I say rectal-ry) and convents, the Washington Post reports that Pope Benedict XVI makes an official announcement that they will allow Anglican priests to join the church as liturgical leaders, even if they are married.

Now come on people! This should be an outrage to Catholics who have banged their children over the head for many years out the piety of celibacy among priests and nuns. But like Marx says, “Religion is opium for the masses.”

If I was a priest or nun, I would run naked down the aisle on Sunday masturbating to a porn magazine asking, “After all these years I had to suppress my sexuality, these Anglicans can get their fuck on!?”

Overall, this shows just how political religion and religious organizations really are. At the drop of the dime, a centuries old ordinance can be changed to increase the numbers of Catholic membership due to the huge economic loss and political sway the Catholic Church has.

This loss of membership has also made the Vatican re-strategize converts and recruitment to the Dark Continent of Africa. There, Catholicism has not only become a religious order, but one that denotes a certain class.

Consequently, the savages have become the biggest promoters of a religion that once upon time held a liturgical edict known as the Papal that gave the Pope the authority to tell European explorers it was a divine right to enslave Africans and dissemble the present-day Americas for the purpose of “religious expansion.”

This critique does not excuse Christianity period, because it has been integral in backing many historical brutalities in the name of Jesus, God and the Trinity (and we are talking about the Matrix).

Not only past Christians, but current ones turn the other cheek as pastors, deacons, and ministers turn pulpits into pimp houses. And let me not forget the witch hunts in the “Name of God” that go on in Africa killing elder women and men for traditional practices.

Anyway, here is another case that proves rules are carved out with the idea of control and a social order where someone will always be on the bottom, thus relegating the rule makers as the top.

What the Vatican really needs to do is allow same sex marriages in the church, starting with the priests and nuns themselves.

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Reggie said...

I think that you're looking at this the wrong way. I think it's a good thing. Maybe if they're getting their freak on at home on a regular it'll keep their minds off the booty they see when they go to church. Perhaps the virtues of little Johnny and little Hector will remain intact. Perhaps we won't see the little Catholic boys struggling to hide their limps from their asses getting pounded like chopped meat.

Maybe this will start a whole reformation and all those sexually repressed nuns and priests can start getting theirs without the children to the parishioners getting theirs?!?

EcoSci said...

Reggie, I do not agree with a priest being married at all. I was just pointing out the hypocrisy of the past. How convenient the Catholic church can be.

ayankha said...

This just goes to show you that the claim that God and/or Jesus don't want you to do this or that is some BS and essentially are manmade.

It's crazy how people will try to rationalize the irrational tenets of religion.