Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When Sleeping Giants Hybernate Again

Last night, the Democrats who thought they could ride the shortening coattails of our President were thrown off the quick train of political breezeways.

The low turnout of black voters, young voters, and a noticeable shift by independents bitch-slapped Democratic elected officials back into reality.

You gotta do much more than kiss Obama's ass and throw his name around to keep sleeping Giants somewhat amused or interested. Or perhaps you haven't noticed, people are still unemployed, losing jobs, out of cash, and miserable.

Democrats still have not learned that you actually have to back up your promises, and do the WORK to get votes.

The age of transparancy shows that the spines and talking points of the Blue Donkeys are weak and superficial.

On the other hand, the Republicans who have been relentless in their constant branding of failed governments, used their propaganda brawn to be ruthless and predictably calculating in fighting for more power.

All the while, people who look like me have been stepped over and disregarded since November 2008. Ahhh, the smell of political backlash is like a bold pot of coffee, strong, biting, invigorating; but will loosen up the bowels is drunken too much.

Now if I can get those in hybernation to dream up a new political party. Hmmmm, any suggestions?

While you're thinking I thought Soul II Soul's "Back to Life" was appropriate for this blog. Check out the lyrics Democrats and get your ish together.

1 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

Without a doubt, the Democrats need to walk the walk, now that they've already spent a year talking the talk.

It's not enough to talk about ending wars and deploying universal they've gotta actually do it. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what they're gonna do, they need to actually do it. Our president can jumpstart the whole process by stopping all that passive shit and stepping up and leading. I don't care how he does it. If he has to bitchslap Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.....then fine. But do it, then talk about it!!!