Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Falsifactions of Corey "Bugah" Booker

Cory Booker is on Broadway. Cory Booker is on "Meet the Press." Cory is being interviewed by Bill Maher. Cory Booker is at the Tyler Perry movie studio opening. Cory Booker is at Sundance promoting his documentary. Cory is chilling in his real residence that is a county over from Essex. Cory Booker is everywhere except where is ass needs to be, in Newark.

It is very interesting how our Caucasian folk and uppity Negroes are drooling over this manmade machine known as Cory Booker. A man who seems to represent a city that he really does not reside has become this sensation, but by whom? Not the residents.

I've seen Caucasian ladies and a couple of Negress' squeal in delight when they mention his name and comment that he is "sooooo cute." Uhhh, sorry, fish is not his palette of choice.

Funny thing about politics and the entertainment industry, you are forced to be something you are not for an image that everyone accepts. But behind the false identity, especially in politics, it is you who stands by, or takes a position in making decisions, even when it can be to the detriment of your real person.

But folk will squeal and kill over Bugah, who is just some misunderstood, chunky kid with a lawyer's mentality of compromise.

(Cory and a "Guest" aka Beard is at Tyler Perry's studio openings in Atlanta, GA. It's okay Cory. We know she is just for show.)

People who have never or will ever set foot into Newark celebrate this fabricated superhero as if he just died on the cross for black folks' sins. Ironically, if they do visit Newark, it will never be after dark, or only on hockey night with half of the Newark Police Department hasseling locals.

All Hail Cory, aka Bozo, aka Bugah, aka Buffalo Butt! People cheer this man on as he ushers in "developers" while throwing out Brick City residents who have held Newark down when white flight and white rage chased companies out.

Maybe, I don't have a complete Newark state of mind, but my mind does not play tricks on me when it comes to the plastic leadership of Cory Booker.

He, and his arrogant and rude staffers (I've bumped into a couple of them on the street) have systematically made Newark a haven for Gentrification. While the old Newark is dying a rapid death, the New Newark is being celebrated. But what is the New Newark? Ohhh its about five city blocks all located in the downtown area on the northern side of Broad Street facing away from the rest of the city to create an exclusionary environment.

So when I see how he hoots and hollers with that annoying voice that is too much spittal and not enough substance, I am not impressed.

A man whose backers have little interest in a truely cohesive and inclusive development, Booker is only being primed to run for NJ Governor or something higher, using Newark as his $2 whore to pimp and say, "Look what I done did white and rich folk, I done cleaned up the hood and removed the black and brown folk away from here. Come and rape Newark some more, please!"

And as I walk past the Prudential Center that now has this huge, ugly, aluminum edifice of a hockey player, yes a hockey player out of all the things in Newark, I roll my eyes. Gentrification has done it again.

In this clip, a senior citizen group gives Cory a book of jokes to update his humor repertoire. Little does he know, people are not laughing with him; especially since he is backing the tearing down of housing developments throughout Newark, including senior citizen homes.

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Reggie said...

Hmmmmmmm, I wonder why he doesn't like fish?!? Maybe he doesn't realize just how delicious it is!!!

After all, it's not just for breakfast anymore!!!