Saturday, August 8, 2009

BEWARE! Armed and Dangerous, so says the Whitehall Police Force

(It seems like grandmothers are being profiled by the police these days. This photo is not related to the story, but gives you an idea of what two cops in Columbus, Ohio see as threatening)

I really do hope citizens begin to use the new age of surveillance to check and observe the disgusting actions of police enforcement across the world. Now you will not see this on CNN or MSNBC, or BBC, but you need to see this and know that the new face of American criminals are elderly people of color.

It seems like members of the Columbus, Ohio police force of Whitehall fear 84-year-old black grandmothers shopping at Walmart. In a youtube video posted on August 2, 2009, a white female police officer slams an elder to the ground after asking her for a small pocket knife (that later said) she was holding. As you can see, the older woman seems somewhat disoriented when the younger punk piglet bit*h takes unneccesary force that causes head trauma as the elder is bleeding from the head. The elderly woman's daughter runs to her mother's aide and is subdued by the police, and possibly arrested.

Now listen to the street reporter's (Stan Brown) blow-by-blow account of the event then leaves when the police get too thick. At the end, he exchanges a conversation with an idiot who justifies the polices use of force. Of course it was later validated in a news report.

If you noticed in the video as well, when the police come by the carloads, this is typical protocol for when the police force expect a riot to occur and are scared the ones at the scene will get beat up for doing stupid shit.

Later reports said that the elderly woman found a steak knife in the car as she was sitting and waiting for her daughter and cut herself free from the seat belt, got out and was looking for her child.

Is this the first incident of black elderly women getting slammed by pussy-ass cops? If you don't know about an Atlanta case in November 2006, where undercover cops shot a 92-year-old black woman multiple times and kill her. Kathryn Johnston did not have a chance to explain that he stupid f*ckers were at the wrong house as they raided in the wee hours of the morning. To make the story more disgusting, the shooters, oops, I mean officers, lie to investigators saying that she exchanged fire with them, only for recant their story and admit that the cops that were shot were shot by their own officers. (above photo is of Kathyrn Johnston)

If ignorant ass, war-stupored people are trained in Gestapo-like tactics in the US, Obama's mother-in-law better watch out if she is carrying a bobby-pin.
But now that I think about, Ida B. Wells-Barnet was on the FBI's list of most dangerous blacks to watch for her fierce anti-lynching campaigns. I can't put anything past some of these people.
If the Whitehall police officer came across this sister below, she would be pissing in her pants.

(Who is this woman? This is "Stagecoach" Mary Fields, the first African-American woman to carry mail for the United States Postal Services. She was revered for her excellent work ethic and her stellar record of never losing any pieces of mail and protecting her cargo. At 6 foot, 200 pounds, she smoked her pipes and cigars, and took no shit. She always carried her revolvers and rifles and became employed by the US postal service at 60 years old. Her area was some of the toughest terrain, the midwest, specifically, Montana. She lived ironically, not far from Columbus, Oh, in Toledo in the early 20th Century after she was emancipated from slavery then she trekked to Montana.

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Reggie said...

Hmmmmm, I suppose theres a reason to whip anybodys ass.....that's what I keep hearing anyway. I guess I've just not come up with a reason yet to beat a woman.....not yet anyway, not to mention someone old enough to be my grandmother.

I guess the old bird got bodyslammed because they didn't have a taser huh?!?