Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My theme for the day...World is a Hustle by Lauryn Hill

So as I am here typing and pecking, I pull one of my favorite Lauryn Hill songs. It is an unreleased cut that I know would not make it on the mainstream because it is so true. The "World is a Hustle."

Sometimes when I board the train from work or school, I look at all the people coming from NYC, going to their respective abodes looking dead-beat tired. Somewhere the fire of their existence is blazing like mine. But for now, on that train, some of us, including me, is too tired to strike a match.

And I, am one of them. Grabbing my purse that probably has $10 or less, and falling into an instant slumber for a quick rest in the rat race.

This song is a dedication not for just America, but for those of the world with first world dreams and surviving with 4th world wages.

This one here is for the people who are working in a fog and tunnell, trying to find purpose and reconcile with their flaws and disappointments.

This one is for those who want to get out, but are scared to.

And this one is for me. I feel it in my bones and I know that there is something much so bigger than the facade that we are presented.

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Detra said...

Thanks for sharing this cut, I am a fan of LH, this made me pull out her MTV unplugged CD, love the way she speaks the truth.