Sunday, July 26, 2009

Social Thermometer Tests People's Reactions to US Troops on Home Soil

Yesterday, I was listening to reports regarding the former Vice-President's plans to dispatch troops on American soil to apprehend a group of SIX suspected terrorists. No, I did not say 600, nor did I even say 60, I said 6. This proposed strategy was put forth in 2002, but was yanked by Bush who ordered the FBI take the group down.

According to NY Daily News, Dick Cheney's efforts, if they went through, would have violated Constitutional laws regarding military seizing property and conducting raids on US soil.

I am not surprised by the blatant disregard for laws because I have come to see how many people have mastered the sense of entitlement to change laws when they incovenience those in power. Hmm, so I sat back and thought of why the news or the government would release such information.

To me this is a social thermometer moment, a time when the folk test the waters to see how people would react to blatant civil violations. This test is to see what might happen if this happened for real, or in your area.

And from what I've seen, it is treated as a "thank God we have a new president," or passed on like a bag of stale chips, or some people were hoorahing it up justifying that the Administration has to do unsavory things in order for this democracy to flow.

Hmmm, I don't know, this report made me conspiracy nose itchy and suspicious knee is aching like there is an unexpected storm is a brewing.

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