Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do Fries Go with that Shake? My WTF Moment with McDonalds

Can you resist a McDonald's fry? I thought I could not, but now, I am seriously rethinking this "weakness". A friend of mine just sent me this video about a woman who has 4-year old fries and hamburgers that have not decomposed.

My honey and I joking call McDonald's "McDookie's," but this new video shows that having regular bowel movements is not in the equation of this cyborg super-genetically modified unfood.

2 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

ayankha said...

Eek! What kind of Egyptian mummy preservatives are they putting in those fries? And they are like crack. I think I need to go to food rehab...stat!

Quick Q: Do you think I would do better if I eat some grapenuts before and some granola & FiberOne yogurt after?

ayankha said...

On the serious side- this is compelling evidence to why Americans are facing an "obesity crisis". Also, it speaks to what foods are really contributing to the rise in obesity in African Americans specifically. Many people conveniently blame it on "soul food", but FAST food is the real culprit. The essence of soul food is taking time to cook for your loved ones. Not many take (or have) this time and turn to fast food or use alternatives that contain similar preservatives to those MD's fries. Also, it is no wonder why there are certain fast food places in predominantly Black neighborhoods.

I could go on forever, but I will stop here and post on this soon.

Thanks for such a good post!