Friday, July 31, 2009

Some of Things I Think About in this BS Economy

1. The US currency is not backed by gold, contrary to most Americans belief that it is.

2. Gold is a natural resource, while cash is paper that is backed by thin air and our investment in the nothingness.

3. The Federal Reserve is not owned or ran by the US government. In my opinion, it is actually the reverse.

4. Owning land in the US is a temporary fix to American territorialism and old frontier ideology. No one owns land. We all lease it. For example, if you paid off your land and did not pay taxes, than it will be seized by the government (ask the millions of black folk who left their land to go North, and lose it some decades later due to unpaid taxes, oh, and illegal seizure).

5. The biggest and oldest welfare recipients live on plush estates and get yearly tax write-offs for blueblood money that has been stashed in coffers since the big bucks of industrialism and worldwide slavery were rolling in by the kazillions.

6. The newest welfare recipients are those who are profiting from the Iraq war and those who inherited billions from a stimulus payoff that trickles down as about as fast as a slow leaky pipe.

7. People ask about the stimulus money, but forget the billions of unaccounted for money from the Iraq war and Katrina undevelopment that is still being profited by Haliburton.

8. The Republican Party and Right Wing Conservatives have been quite the rabble-rousers lately, but were silent as they stuffed their faces while getting their palms greased while stashing dough in the Bushes.

9. Democrats have once again disappointed.

10. The unemployment rate has declined because damn near everybody is either jobless, part-time, or taking forloughs.

11. How can NY state represenatives refuse to work and get paid, but if I do it, I'd get fired.

12. Why is it that large numbers of "nice" people collecting welfare and unemployment benefits have made being broke chic, and the case workers so nice at the unemployment office they damn near are making caramel frappes for clients?

13. Since when did tent cities like those in Santa Monica, CA become acceptable, but in downtown LA, they were demolished several years ago?

14. I have been passing by the World Trade Center for two years and nothing has been built, but rest assured billions have been spent. Who owns all of these bogus construction contracts?

15. Forget a beer summit, give me some Martinique rum and a Cuban cigar, me and Obama need to get some things cleared away.

1 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

I must admit that I've been greatly disappointed by the Democratic Party as well over the last six months. They could have accomplished so much more, it's as if they're scared that someone will smack their hands if they attempt actual change.

I'm sure that when Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid and Unemployment Insurance and a host of other issues were being submitted as legislation that the Republican Party was there to scream.....socialism. It's sad that these same idiots are screaming socialism and how this health plan will doom millions of geriatrics to death, when 45-50 million Americans are walking around without health insurance.

It's comical to me that someone takes these clowns seriously; but there are millions of backwoods ignorant country fucks out there that take this shit as gospel. The very people who would probably benefit the most by health insurance. As if they have anything in common with the people that are feeding them lip service on television.

The reality is that we're all have health coverage, some of us pay for it and still others use a hospital emergency room for it.....oh we're all covered, but there is a better way to go about this. I just wish that someone in Washington DC would grow a set of balls and act!!!

The more things change in Washington DC, the more things stay the same.