Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Memorial Update Play-by-Play Pt. 2

Warning, this is something that women at the church say in the pew...some of it is politically incorrect, but I gotta give it real.

Jennifer Hudson, love her powerful voice and inner strength to sing at a memorial big and pregnant with her mom and folk just passing away a near while ago. She deconstructed MJ's song and took it home to church (no Snoop not you boo). Love it. She is glowing with her big pretty, pregnant self. The people around her, jackin' the praise dancers need to quite. Oh ish, Michael is talking and his poem is deep. He's talking about unconditional love & trust. His voice just sent chills. Al Sharpton is speaking. I heard this sound bite a million times before, but he has many points. T'aint nobody like Michael J. yep, yep. But I must agree Al, MJ was strange, and in order for him to do what he had to do he had to be outta the box. Okay, now I just saw Prince Michael, you know MJ's "son". Well he was smacking on some gum and just popped a big bubble. WTF, soemone smack that out of his mouth right now. Oh, next is a guitar solo, was decent, needed some stank on it though. Brooke Shields speaks of their friendship and the strains of child celebs...good stories, i guess, but it was sincere, i guess.

0 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista: