Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Memorial Update Play-by-Play Pt. 1

Warning, this is something that women at the church say in the pew...some of it is politically incorrect, but I gotta give it real.

Mariah Carey reminds us of how impeccable of a performer MJ was becasue she is sounding uggghhh right about now. Nick needs to haul her off the stage, get her some vicks, hot water and holy oil. Bless her throat...she is rusty. Latifah is in the house and looking stunning. Queen L word reads a prolific poem by Maya Angelou, yes Deaconess Maya, "we had him" and we still do have him. Lionel Richie takes it back to his Alabama roots, sang it! Barry Gordy, yawwn. Stevie Wonder, absolutely flawless. I liked what he said, "I am at peace." So am I. Kobe Bryant & Magic Johnson are sound. Pass on Kobe, but the other, other "MJ" has evolved into a distinguished brother and still keeps it real. Magic is talking about his experience with "Remember The Time" and how Michael ate Kentucky Fried Chicken. I didn't know that. The things we are hearing about our loved one shows we are all multi-dimensional.

0 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista: