Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Watch Entry #2 The World is Black People

I can recall as a child how the US would feature Russian ice skaters with dingy skates, and tough-as-nails Yugoslavian gymnasts or pale Canadian swimmers. Every now-and-again you'd catch an Ethiopian or Kenyan runner, but black folks were always (and sometimes solely) present in track-and-field, and perhaps boxing, and definitely basketball.

It seems like track-and-field was black day. Flo-Jo, Carl Lewis and Jackie Joyner were talked about in our private circles the next day. "Did you see what Flo-jo was wearing? Her nails were too long!" Track anf field competitors were our pride. Our legacy of Jesse Owens. Our mark of athleticism in a world gathering where it seemed we were the minority, even in most of the sports, sending a message that we could only run and beat up shit.

Honduras soccer team who have defeated Spain

But now I know the fascade that was painted in the Olympic Games. Often times, this elitest competition was too costly for most countries to attend or train.

And although globalization has historically reared and ugly economic and socio-cultural disadvantage, it has deterritorialized borders. In an agenda, not of its own, globalization has pushed into the forefront nations and peoples who were once absent or relegated to the periphery of the Olympics. Resultantly, it shows the true hue-man make up of the world. That thing that European explorers were shocked to see during the Age of their Discovery.

Costa Rican track star.

The world is black people, teeming and full of black bodies that range of deep brown, midnight complexion to olive tanned. We are the world.

Canadian diver Emilie is part of the duo who garnered Canada's first medal.

And as I talk about the Olympics to the little ones in my family, I let them know that even though we don't see much of us competing, we are there representing, we are in every corner of the world. even in the whitest of places, you will see our skin.

Gymnasts Danell Leyva and John Orozco

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