Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Goldie Taylor Speaks Out About Her Abuser Amid PSU Sex Scandal

The veil has opened Americans to an open secret, we have neglected the safety and sanctity of our children. There is a saying, "You can measure the state of a nation by looking at the state of its children."

The Penn State sex abuse case is only a small morsel, a mere dot in the countless molestations that are happening to children around me.

When I was a substitute high school teacher, I had a young man who was a confide in me one day out of the blue. He rarely came to school every now and again. For reasons that I still am not sure, he came to me after class and told me that he was having a lot of issues at home that surrounded the re-emergence of his mother's old boyfriend --- a man that physically abused her, and sexually abused him.

I told him to wait as I got some information and people to help me, but he left, and I never saw him again. I think about him every now and then. I wonder what happened to the young man. Did he make it? Was he consumed?

And this is just one story that I've heard. Women and men who have both been molested at the hands of relatives or close friends during years in which we are most vulnerable. I still can't wrap my head around why adults prey on children in such a sick fashion.

What happened to make these people decided to rape a kid on that day? I really don't understand the insanity.

On the flip side, the response by people seeking justice after the eruption of the PSU debacle is one step in confronting old wounds that still fester. For example, political correspondent, Goldie Taylor, revealed a long-hidden secret via Twitter yesterday. She admitted to being raped by a coach while she was in high school, a man whom she named as Pat Sullivan, and a man who still coaches girls.

I am in awe at Goldie's courage to vocalize something she has held within for so long. I am also saddened at the depths of abuse children must endure.

Here is the blog entry by Goldie Taylor who is now pursuing legal action against the sick fuck who raped her and as Taylor admits, other young ladies.

Naming him.

Pat Sullivan.

I will never forget his name.

He was my abuser.

Somewhere inside, I feel a deep sense of shame, regret. Not for what he did to me, but for never telling anyone. There were other victims, I know. I knew some of them. They were my school friends.

Angel was about the same height and complexion as me. It seems he had a preference for short, light skinned black girls. Girls who were 16. Maybe he thought that was enough to save him from statutory rape charges. I will never know.

What I do know is this. Sullivan was a high school football coach in St. Louis and he preyed on young high school girls. What he did to me changed my life. And I will never forgive him. Normandy High School. 1984. I was a varsity cheerleader.

For the record, I am not brave. I didn’t tell my mother. Didn’t tell school administrators or call the police. I couldn’t. I fell into an ocean of despair. I stopped going to school and, when I did, I laid my head down on my desk. Maybe I asked for it, I told myself.

I am 43 now, with children of my own.

I have decided to tell my story tonight on CNN with my friend and colleague Don Lemon. It is possible that I will do other interviews, and may write about it more fully in this space and/ or on theGrio.com. I am not sure how much I can do. The old pain is new again. But if I can help someone else tell their story, if one abuser can be stopped in their tracks, then I am good with that.

I survived. Not unscathed. But I survived. I am grateful for that. But today, I am praying for the other young women who may not have…

Oh, and Pat Sullivan… sue me. I welcome it.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone stopped to consider that this is ONLY an allegation? While Goldie's cause is great and her encouragement for young girls is admirable, it is completely unacceptable to expose the name of her "molester" when no trial has proved him guilty.

I personally know Mr. Sullivan and just finished a great cross country season under his coaching. Coach "Sully" as we affectionately call him is a wonderful and dedicated coach. It is cruel to steal away his passion for coaching, destroy his reputation and ruin his dignity all based on an ALLEGATION. If this crime is unprovable, than Ms. Taylor, you have severely hurt my school. We will all miss our beloved coach.

So I ask of you, carry on with your worthwhile campaign, but please be respectful of his name until he is officially proven guilty.

Prosey said...

Hi there,

My first comment on your blog, which I've followed for quite a long while. Interesting it would be this entry, since I've been watching the Penn State scandal unfolding with sad and wary (but unsurprised) eyes...and personally (considering the previous comment) I think it is right and good that Goldie has spoken out.

Anyway, the reason that I am commenting has more to do with letting you know that I included you in a list of good reads, and wanted you to be aware. :-)

You are truly an inspiration. *nod*

Big love,