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Golden Laws to Greatness: #8 Be Fluid Like Water

Be Fluid Like Water

"Moving down the streams of my lifetime, Pulls the fascination in my sleeve"
                                                                   Lauryn Hill "Just Like Water"

Water is so cleansing and refreshing.  It represents the amniotic fluid of the world.  Somewhere, we've forgotten how to respect and use the spiritual and medicinal properties of water in our lives.  For starters, we do not drink enough of it, and the water is becoming so polluted.  In this little note, I am speaking of a metaphorical toxicity.

The ebb and flow of life can be frustrating when you do not understand that such a thing exists.  What exactly does ebb and flow mean?  In my opinion, life consists of constant cycles.  Each cycle represents a tier in our growth.  Within that tier you go through various stages which have two extremes, dry spells and floods.  We experience them both, in different volumes, and varied time frames.  

For me there was always a battle that had to be waged in coming to understanding.  Even when there was no need for one, I would show up and it would be on.  However, after my long battles, I would often look around and be standing alone. The alone part would always subside because often you will find yourself alone, but the part that always left me scratching my head was the fact that I exited from a battle more confused about who I was or where I was going.

As a result, the next step in my journey became unclear.  I became stagnant.  Worse, I made unhealthy choices and behaved in unproductive ways.  Similar to those who love drama, or sisters who love self-pity, or the self-righteous, who know every goddamn thing and wait for the opportunity to pounce on us inferior minds.  "In the middle of a whole bunch of nuthin'" some of my folk would say.

We immerse ourselves in bullshit because it is easy when we truly have lost our way.  Instead of moving with the natural flow of life, we stood unmoved and stubborn to growth like a huge crater in the river of our existence.  Over time, the water wore us down and we realized we were in the same place, chipped down raw, and flooded over.

I made a decision to be like an African water lily (if there is such a thing) effortlessly floating down an Amazon, Nile, Niger or Mississippi watercourse.  There were times when it gently kissed rocks or was sprayed with rapids, but it kept gliding.  I am that aquaboogie sister.

Destination: Why a mineral spring? Check out the benefits of mineral water.  Indigenous people have known and used them for centuries.  For instance, the native folk of what is now know America saw hot mineral springs as sacred spaces.  Unfortunately, the great expansion of the West has forcefully relocated the original inhabitants of the lands who probably can give us a deeper understanding of the springs.  Anywho, here are some spots to go hot spring crazy.

Japan. An island nation that sits on volcanoes, this country is teeming in hot springs that are attached to inns or public bath houses. 
Denver, CO. I know this sounds crazy being that it is freezing there right now, but just miles outside of the city are over a dozen hot mineral springs to visit. 
British Columbia, Canada.  This vast stretch of region has hot springs that range from Big Foot to all-luxury.
Malaysia. Make sure these hot springs are friendly for you because unfortunately
a huge sex trade goes on in south Asian regions and islands where people are economically disenfranchised.

Something's in the (mineral)Water! Hell yes, check it out!

     1.  Release of energy from cells
     2.  Manufacture of glycogen and protein
     3.  Regulates fluid balance
     4.  Transmission of nerve impulses
     5.  Important in maintaining normal heart beat
     6.  Muscle contractions
      1.  Maintains normal fluid balance
     2.  Transmission of nerve impulses
     3.  Muscle contractions
     4.  Helps to increase permeability of cell walls
     1.  Development and maintenance of strong bones & teeth
     2.  Protects against Osteoporosis
     3.  Ensures proper clotting of the blood
     4.  Needed for the contraction & relaxation of muscles, especially the heart
     5.  Needed for proper utilization of iron
     6.  Assists in the absorption of Vitamin B-12
     7.  Helps to regulate cell permeability
     1.  Helps to form strong bones and teeth
     2.  Helps to regulate muscle relaxation and contraction
     3.  Maintains proper function of nerves
     4.  Activates enzymes controlling energy metabolism
     1.  Maintains healthy hair and nails
     2.  Needed in eliminating blood diseases
     3.  Helps to eliminate some skin diseases
     4.  Stimulates the liver and increases the flow of bile
     5.  Important in maintaining normal body metabolism
     6.  Detoxifies some poisons in the body
     1.  Breaks down into nitrates, which are found in the DNA of all living things
     1.  Development of strong bones and teeth
     2.  A component of the enzyme system in a cell, which governs the release of energy
     3.  Assists with protein production and defines the structure of cell DNA & RNA
     4.  Helps to maintain the neutrality of the bodys fluids
Alternate Destination: Go to any body of water and pray (i.e. ocean, gulf, lake, stream, river, brook, bayou, swamp, etc.)

Sycamore Hot Springs
1215 Avila Beach Drive
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
Toll Free: 1 800 234 5831; Direct: 1 805 595 7302; Fax: 1 805 595 4007
Carson Hot Springs
St. Martins Road, Off Highway 84
Toll Free: 1 800 607 3678; Direct: 509 427 8292; Fax: 509 427 7242

Lava Hot Springs Foundation 
430 East Main
Lava Hot Springs, Idaho 83246
Toll Free: 1 800 423-8597; Direct: 1 208 776-5221
Taupo Hot Springs & Health Spa
State Highway 5, Napier Taupo Highway
Taupo, New Zealand (Not far from Auckland)

Peninsula Hot Springs
Springs Lane (formerly Devonport Drive)
Rye, 3941
Victoria, Australia
Direct:  61 3 5950 8777; Fax: 61 3 5950 8705

Alternate Lifestyle: (Hot) Yoga class.

Beauty: Sea salt bath to remind you of the ocean. One pound of sea salt, 3 cups of baking soda, and an essential oil of your choice.

Health: Drink 1 – 2 litters of water a day.  You will notice that you have slimmed down and will be relieving your bowels more.

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