Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Golden Laws to Greatness: #4 Move!


"I'm taking my own freedom, putting it in my stroll, I'll be high stepping y'all, letting the joy unfold."
Jill Scott "Golden"

Many of us are losing the battle of health because of sedentary lifestyles. Whether we are riding in the car, or hibernating in our homes during snowy, cold winters, we have got to incorporate more movement. 

Personally, I hate the word "exercise" because it connotes a societal pressure that tells me if I don't "exercise" than that means I'm lazy.  We all know that is bullshit because black women are hard workers—yet most of the time we are working for the benefit of others.  As a result, we neglect the maintenance of ourselves.
I'm discovering that carving out a fitness program must be creative.  Most of us drop out because of the boring "routines" we use.  I've learned to also despise the word "routine" because it equates to a bland sex life.  And please do not mention "work out" because the word "work" is in the phrase and I've been working since the age of 14 and am still broke.
So approach working out to the best sex life you ever want to have.  Throw in some dance lessons, with power walks around your block, or try Yoga and morning stretches, belly dancing and personalized strip tease shows (for your honey, or just work on your game for future usage); try boogie boarding, squatting and performing leg lifts during your lunch break; stretch those underused limbs; and between all that tighten up womb with pelvic squeezes.
Destination: Los Angeles. Lots of sun, a lot of outdoor activities. 
Alternate Destination: Local roller skating or ice skating rink
Lifestyle:  African Arts Festival in Atlanta going on now until July 18
Alternate Lifestyle: Take an ethnic dance class
Beauty: Hot water damages the hair, so when you wash try room temperature water to save those roots.
Health: MSM for joints; Kelp and Alfalfa for energy; Chlorophyll helps cells regenerate, pumps oxygen in your body, prevents aging and helps alkaline the body.

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