Monday, July 11, 2011

Golden Laws to Greatness: #10 Completion is Power

Completion is Power

I was hit with a personal crisis the day before I was to go on a weeklong training for a job I really wanted.  That morning as I cried my eyes out to a friend in Florida she told me that I had to get my ass up and go.  She kept saying, "Completion is Power".  With all of my snotty rags and medication, I did it and had a successful career in teaching. 

I still am thankful for her wisdom and support. She taught me a rough lesson I dodged for years.  I carried so much baggage from incomplete projects and not bringing life situations to closure.  Completion and closure represent consciously ending something for the purpose of opening up to another.  When you leave things open or unfinished it is like a bad wound festering until it becomes a disease that consumes a part of your life. 

Release and ending things have gotten a lot easier for me.  I hold the crown entitled "Queen of Cling", so I know all about grudges, lingering heartache, fear of moving forward, nagging insecurities, pack rat behaviors, mental obsessions, and obsession with my possessions (more so what I feel I am attached to).  Sister let me tell you, as a cancer, I still am challenged.

For me, the hardest part of completion, other than relationships, is completing personal projects.  I will do things at work and at school that will almost drive me crazy. But I get them done.  However, when it comes to me finishing my book, my business plans, or that poem, or my resume, or that pitch to Oprah, it gets mixed up with excuses and anxiety.   

Completion entails putting your needs as a top priority.  There are days you must put you first.  Be it losing weight or traveling to a destination you've dreamed of, do it sister, you got to.  Completion is power.

Destination:  Barcelona, Spain.  Lola Akinmade wrote a great article on called "See you in Pamplona"

Alternate Destination: Olvera Street, Los Angeles; Little Havana, Miami.

Lifestyle: Wine touring.  If there isn't a local wine tour by your home then visit a specialty shop that features wine.  Some of them offer samples.

Alternate Lifestyle: Throw a wine party….hmmm sounds like a good plan for Excursionista.

Beauty: Cracked lips are a sign that you are deficient in B-vitamins.  Chap sticks, lip gloss, Vaseline, and other lip emollients provide temporary if any relief. Many even further damage with the toxic chemicals in them.  Up your vitamin B intake and try an emollient that is natural or even consider pure vitamin E, coconut oil, pure cocoa butter, avocado oil (which I love), and refined shea butter (this is the kind that has a subtle smell instead of the mold that often plagues shea products using unrefined butter).

Health: Your vagina is very, very sensitive, but many mainstream products weaken our vaginas and wombs rather than strengthen them.  In particular, over-the-counter douching products have been shown to damage the vagina, leaving holes in the womb and causing other ailments.  However, you can still rinse that sacred area by creating your own feminine rinse.  First go to a local store that sells empty douche bottles such as Rite Aid, CVS, or Duane Reade pharmacy.  A basic feminine rinse is distilled water (not spring water) and organic apple cider vinegar (not white vinegar or table vinegar). For every cup put a tablespoon of vinegar.  The douche bottle holds about 2 cups. Boil the water and let is cool completely.  Then put in the vinegar.  After you have washed the bottle in boiled distilled water (don't burn yourself please) put in contents and enjoy a refreshing experience.  There are other combinations that you can read in several health books, but this basic feminine rinse is a great start. 

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It's true, completion is power.