Monday, April 11, 2011

Decades Long Cover Up in California Shows Children Just Might Be Left Behind, In the Rubble

California politics have blamed so many for its financial woes.

The Mexicans.
The Gangs.
The Liberals.
The Greedy People who Bought Homes Above their Means.
Homophobic Black People Who Voted Against Proposition 8.
Charlie Sheen.

And lastly, they finally figured it out. It had to be the teachers.

Those no-good, lazy, money-hungry Jezebels and pimps who work at under-resourced schools, attempting to teach children with a union that makes deals like used car salesmen in a dusty, desert car lot.

Teachers were the ones who have undermined the financial progress of California.

Until proper poetic justice has given teachers a needed trump card; and has given all of California to really see the real corruption embedded in California politics.

This weekend, California Watch dropped a series of stories revealing the State has collected tens of billions of dollars to fix schools to be prepared for earthquakes, and have not delivered.

Here is a quote from one of the article,"Lax of Oversight School Construction Raises Doubt About Earthquake Safety."

Taxpayers spent $52 million to build the campus on a former General Motors factory site in South Gate, near Los Angeles. The school, which opened in 2004, sits in a liquefaction zone that could turn to mush in an earthquake, according to a report by a geological firm hired by the Los Angeles Unified School District.

And that was just for one building.

Here are some of the things that the stories uncovered.

  • Millions of children's lives are at extremely high risk if a quake happens.
  • 7,500 schools throughout the state of California have been identified by state inventory as potentially dangerous for high seismic activity
  • 20,000 projects have not been approved by the mandatory Field Act, a certification process that says all building repairs and the structure of buildings are within the guidelines of proper construction
  • 1626 schools are in liquidation zones (Liquidation zone means that in a strong earthquake, the earth liquifies)
  • 18 schools' instability with structural issues and sit in a landslide zone. (A zone where if an earthquake occurs, these schools sit on slopes and inclines that are dangerously unstable)
  • Hundreds of inspectors who received unfavorable marks regarding their work performance, and even one with a felony regarding fraudulent assessment on a construction site, are still getting $70 - $100 an hour to inspect buildings in which they have filed inaccurate reports.
  • The Schwarzenegger Administration made "adjustments" that crippled efforts for schools to receive funding in repairing these potential dangerous structural issues.
  • This all equals of funky as cover up and coffers that have been generously filled for decades.

You think Japan was bad. It an 8.9 rocks anywhere in California, we are talking about a possible tsumani that happens with land, in regards to the San Andreas fault.

It took an outsider, a black man from the South named Corey Johnson, to peel the thick layers of corruption.

Why California?
California is critical in talking about the future of the US, because it is the richest state in the country. If it were a country, it would be the sixth wealthiest nation. So when California shakes, then the rest of the country violently trembles.

What does this unveiling mean?

One, it shows that money and privileged didn't mean anything. Schools and hospital facilities built in the wealthiest communities from San Francisco to San Diego were built on fault lines and were given money to be properly constructed, but never happened.

Two, this story provides an excellent template of people investigating the real issues behind the fiscal failures in their own States and the federal government.

Three, it removes the culpability of teachers being the "problem" and gets to the real issue, systemic corruption that will even put children as sacrificial lambs in the quest for money and power.

Four, if this is happening in California, it is happening everywhere.

Lastly, being vigilante in holding the true people accountable will put billions of dollars back into education and into the US.

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