Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stone's World Famous Dictionary: Entry #3 Bitty

Stone's Word of the Month

Bitty pronounced Bit-tee

1. A woman who communicates with people in hostile and disrespectful manner; especially to her partner and family.
2. Women people just don't like and do not care to socialize with or around.
3. The last woman a man calls to babysit their children by another woman or to braid their hair.
4. A polite form of bitch that is usually designated to a woman when an accuser doesn't want to upset other women in the area by calling her a bitch in public.
5. The baby mama who will take you to court even though you have been paying child support off of the record for the past eight years on a child that you find out is not even yours.

Example of bitty: Jason stormed into his sister's house with child support papers in his hand. He told his sister Jaime, "Can you believe I have been in child arrears for a kid that isn't mine, that bitty was fucking her boss at the same time we were dating, but stuck me with the kid." Jaime swallowed hard. She never liked Michelle and never thought that Jason was the father. One bitty was out of his life, now Jason had to deal with his current ex-wife who he found out was a porn star when he bought DVD's from the local bootlegger who specialized in booty flicks.

Who is Stone?
I swear to you I have one of the funniest brothers in the world. And with his drama-filled life, he's gotta laugh. His search of self and love have taken him down some very interesting paths; and through it all, he has creatively come up with phrases and words that my sisters and I fall out over every time he utters them in his vivid descriptions.

My brother is known as "Stone" to a lot of folk on the street, but we call him by his family and childhood nickname. I wish I could tell you, but family nickname's are sacred endearments that I will keep to the spaces of my kinfolk.

Stone has provided a dictionary full of shit that I must document; and since many black folk still don't buy books other than Zane's freaky ish and A Thug's Wife Part 21 by Terry Williams, I will put in my blog.

3 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

Well heavens to Murgatroyd!!!! I must admit that I didn't even realize. As a matter of fact, I know at least a few bitties.

Joanna said...

That is SO funny... I know the term, and have heard it often, but I always assumed it came from the expression "old biddy" and that was how I spelled it. I didn't realize it was a polite form of "bitch". You learn something new every day on the internet, huh?

bayoucreole said...

Well, I'll be using this word..quite often.