Saturday, January 22, 2011

Investment #2: Shayna Odom of Spa on the Go Atlanta

Name of Business: Spa on the Go
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Owner: Shayna O'dom
Specialization: Wholistic Wellness including: Colon Hydrotherapy, Massages, Foot Detoxification, Organic Facials, Hair Removal, Oxygen Therapy and more . . .
Contact: 404-432-0702
About the Owner:

Anyone who meets Shayna will be touched by her healing hands. She is a treasure and gem in Atlanta who has a remarkable journey tha thas led her healing.

Plagued with various sicknesses for much of her youth, Shayna O'dom was changed forever when her parents sought help from an herbalist out of desparation to heal their daughter. Immediately, the well-versed naturopathic doctor performed a series of colonics and gave her herbal remedies that prevented Shayna from undergoing another painful surgery before she was 18.

Now in her early 30s, Shayna has helped people remedy various issues through various natural strategies.

2 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

Pardon me for being a man for just a moment; but just what in the hell is foot detoxification?!?

bayoucreole said...

Reggie is so funny. I think naturopathic doctors are the bomb. I actually thought of becoming one.