Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stone's World Famous Dictionary: Entry # 2 Hoodcat

Stone's Word of the Month

Hoodcat pronounced Hud-kat

1. A man who has a community reputation of engaging in multiple sexual partners that live within the same social circles or geographical area; especially his frequent sexual engagements with hoodrats, unsavory women who acquire multiple sex partners, usually within the same social circles.

Example of hoodcat: Many celebrities and male professional athletes pass girlfriends and wives who exist in the same circles is behavior nothing short of a hoodcat because most of these ladies seek high-paid, highly visible men who will finance a lifestyle in exchange for control of their bodies and sexual habits. In this world, it is okay for men to swap vaginal juices and spit of the same woman because it keeps the secrets in-house; nevertheless, they are hoodcats.

Who is Stone?
I swear to you I have one of the funniest brothers in the world. And with his drama-filled life, he's gotta laugh. His search of self and love have taken him down some very interesting paths; and through it all, he has creatively come up with phrases and words that my sisters and I fall out over every time he utters them in his vivid descriptions.

My brother is known as "Stone" to a lot of folk on the street, but we call him by his family and childhood nickname. I wish I could tell you, but family nickname's are sacred endearments that I will keep to the spaces of my kinfolk.

Stone has provided a dictionary full of shit that I must document; and since many black folk still don't buy books other than Zane's freaky ish and A Thug's Wife Part 21 by Terry Williams, I will put in my blog.

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