Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go Ghana!

For once in a lifetime, all of Africa will be cheering for another African country. Too bad, some Negroes over here think that their involvement with FIFA has come to an end because the US of A is out.

For me, when Ghana whooped on the US, that was when my fun began. Yup, I said it. And I am not revoking my American Passport. I earned it. Got 300 years of sugar cane in my veins. And if you haven't noticed, Guidos in Staten Island are cheering for Italy, the Boriquas in the Bronx are waving Spanish flags. And I am unapologetically screaming for the black star.

Now if we can just get South Africa to deal with its serious xenophobia. A sickness that has black South Africans side-by-side with whites and Indians, participating in anti-immigration policies against other blacks that is parallel to Michael Steele supporting Arizona. Then when a white European is there, they will bend over backwards praying that Jesus is standing before them to save them. Self-sabotage is a bitch.

And what's up with my black American family sneering at the "other" football. This toothless man on the bus swore that American football was much better. I wasn't interested in that debate, I am still scratching my head at how exclusive soccer is the the US, something that is the polar opposite every where else. To be in a decent organized soccer team is like playing hockey, both are damn near inaccessible and designed for middle and upper class folks.

Soccer is like equestrian training. Both expensive and few and far between.

Oh well, for now I'm going to wave my red, green, yellow with the black star in the middle.

2 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

ayankha said...

There was an interesting commentary by an Brit-born USA league soccer coach that said something to the effect of: The reason the USA sucks is because unlike the rest of the world, it has made soccer an elite sport. Most US players try to go for scholarships and these programs are developed in institutions with tons of resources. Conversely, the rest of the world draws its best players from the lower earning class, where they are forced to be more creative in developing their futbol skills.

I think that sentiment is very accurate and I hope that the US gives some of those they do not currently let in a chance. If not, may the continue to be shut out of the World Cup.

Reggie said...

Enjoy the soccer, I can't. I've never been into soccer, I'm an American football fan. I'm like 7up, never had it, never will.

But hey, this has interested and encouraged and intrigued the world, that's always a good thing.