Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As the Water Turns to Blood: Don't Eat the Fish, Don't Clean Up the Spill & Forget the Essence Fest

The other day, my sister called me and told me her husband might be going to Louisiana to clean up BP's shit pile. Like most of America, they are struggling. I calmly told her to read he reports about the toxicity in the air and the possibility of clean up crews dying.

What I really wanted to yell, was, "Don't you clean up the workings of the devil!"

And just like 9-11 and the Valdez Oil Spill, the clean-up workers with flimsy masks are getting sick, and sicker. Of course these are desperate men and women who have run out of options and will probably still work, even if given the precautions that they probably will die within 10 years.
But it gets better, FEMA is preparing to evacuate Gulf cities in what they say will be precautions against a "controlled surface burn" which is burning the top layer of the oily-water.

That is just a cover up for the nauseating, lethal fumes of the methane that the petroleum is giving. The biggest concern is not the oil itself, but the gas that it gives off. That is why you see people with masks.

Just imagine living, eating and sleeping at a gas station with the underground tankers open. Now maximize the smell 100 times and that's what you get in the Gulf.

And I know this friendly PSA may piss off those who saved their income tax return to go to ths Year's Essence Fest. Sorry, the festival does not recycle black dollars, but is owned by a corporation that exploits Mardi Gras, Voodoo, and everything in black culture that we so quickly have thrown away.

These man-made disasters are something like the man-written religions. Concocted and designed to control the minds of the masses.

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