Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spill Baby Spill: The Untold Tales of the Gulf Oil Disaster

As I eat my last piece of shrimp harvested in Honduras waters, I cringe at the ecological disaster the Gulf oil spill has created for all life forms.

And let me warn you about the hype they are going to create regarding these spills. They have to get people to clean up this mess and will say that it will create jobs for folk.

WARNING: Stay away from cleaning up this dump site, unless you want to get sick and die like a lot of clean up workers from 9-11.

I say get the families of BP and all of them blood suckers and have them fish out the oil in flip flops and Bermuda shorts while in there million dollar yatchs.

Let me just name of few things that the oil spill will severely damage:
-Tourism in the following areas: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Mexico, all of the Caribbean and perhpaps, the Northeastern countries of South America

-Cruise Liners who dock in the above areas
-Seafood industries especially in countries that use it as a prime source of economy
-Green seafood industries that sell to places like Whole Foods
-Fishing Industry
-Ecological preservation
-People who buy gas (you think the prices are high now, just wait)
-Health of those in affected areas who are inhaling the methane gas from the spill

You'd think the news would be highlighting a disaster that makes Haiti and Katrina look like Disneyland.

Uh-no, it would upset too many interests to tell the world that much of their seafood supply is fucked, and there will be millions of sick people for years to come.

For real, for real, it makes the government's lack of response resemble the police following up on someone's reports of hearing gunshots in the worse neighborhood in South Side Chicago...they just don't come.

And isn't the universe very interesting to put Obama between a rock and hard place. Didn't I tell you Bami, never fuck with the law of karma. Uhhh, I think on this one you are assed out.

Soon after he obliged corporate interests and flicked off his eco-green supporters by announcing the green light to drill off the coasts of the US, here comes mother nature belching BP's rig out of her ass.

Bami let me tell you something, never play with children who are fighting for a common good once you've made promises because you will get taught the lesson of universal come-uppance.

And BTW, what's up with you not listening to Michelle. You needed a damn black woman in that judicial seat. I guess sleeping next to one every night is enough for you.

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Reggie said...

BP really shit the bed this time, shrimp's gonna be high as hell this summer. Maybe I should go out and grab some today?!?

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Eco Soul,

I spent the last hour reading through your May posts, links and sidebar. I get the impression you see ahead of the curve, especially in blogging about the Gulf disaster. I like your writing style and humor too. Cracked me up on some of these posts. I'll be back.

~ Kit