Monday, May 17, 2010

Oil Spill Resolution: Let's Nuke the Gulf

This blog is co-authored by Mr. EcoSoul as we talk about the Gulf Stream catastrophe. Yesterday he told me that Obama and BP or British Petroleum (oh yeah, they don't go by that name anymore) are looking into detonating an underwater nuclear bomb to stop the oil spill.

I found a plea in the Christian Science Monitor by a writer named Jeremy Hsu requesting that we use a Russian strategy that was implemented on five of their oil spills. They used contained nuclear bombs to stop the flow.

Hmmm. Now let me get this right. The best thing to do is pour more toxicity in the cosmic slop. So that means there will be radiation exposure, a wave that will be out of this world, and an underwater earthquake that can trigger a tsunami.

Okay, now there is the other tactic that Halliburton, Transocean, LTD and BP are using to get paid in this humanitarian and ecological genocide they caused by supplying extremly toxic chemical dispersant to "stop" the oil from floating to the surface. According to MSNBC, to date, there has been more that 560,000 gallons via airplane.

Now get this you guys. There aren't any studies done on the effects of this toxic oil. But what people do know is that this shit is lethal in some way. So lethal that the Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has filed a lawsuit to stop the chemical dispersants.

What is more interesting, as much as I can research, the company that manufactures, Nalco Chemical Holdings, is either a subsidiary of Halliburton, or Haliburton has substantial stocks in it. This makes since since Haliburton is the main contractor for "rebuilding" Iraq. Or in other words, stealing the oil.

So Halliburton is getting paid for creating the disaster and "fixing" it too. This sounds like this is so Dick Cheney and George Bush.

And another thing that messes with my mind is the fact that Halliburton is behind the clean up. Hell, they didn't even clean the water supply for soldiers in Iraq according to this MNBC story. I don't think they give two shits about cleaning water in areas that will effect inhabitants, both human and other species, of Mississippi deltas and Louisiana marshlands.

And get this, recent reports have stated that the currents seem to be pushing the oil to Florida. Told you so. But for real, this is going to get a lot worse.

I learned in a black psychology class years ago that Eurocentric values are based in controlling nature. Why must we mess with something we can never totally control. Maybe manipulate, but even the most sophisticated technologies and studies has a margin of error due to the unpredictability of life organisms.

When Bob said, "Total destruction only solution," I don't think he was talking about this fuckery."

So my expert advice in this environmental travesty: Don't eat the muthafuckin' shrimp.

And Obama, I gotta send you some light and love on this one. You are fucked every way possible on this one. It smells so fishy, and your name is standing right beside "scapegoat" or "culprit," take your pick.

If you haven't seen an underwater nuclear bomb, the above photo captured one of of Russia's nukes on a spill in 1971. And below is a nuke by the British. I would not be surprised if this was funded by someone who sits on the BP board today.

NarTube - Watch Video

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Reggie said...

There's an original idea.

This fuckery in the gulf is a no win situation all the way around. We ought to start by fining BP a billion dollars and then make them pay every dime for the cleanup.

I was looking forward to eating shrimp all summer, damn BP!!!