Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yeye Have Mercy on Rio

Once again, Mama of the Ntr (nature) is cleansing the world with her tears or amniotic fluids. If her water did not break with the storms in Northeast US that occured some weeks back than certainly, she has popped and is peeing on Rio de Janeiro. Reported as the "worst storm in history" the rains have claimed 95 lives.

Above is a picture of a mudslide pummeling into a favela. Just like Haiti, Brazil has plenty of places that have been constructed on a wing-and-a-prayer with flimsy materials by the poor folk who have been generationally oppressed.

When I was in Bahia some years back, there were high rises with gaping holes in them with people still living around the holes. You could see floors 10 down to five. I was like woah, that is poverty. Oh yeah, its rough in Brazil. it is so beautiful and yet disturbing the level of poverty that exists.

You'd think that the intensely embedded sex trade would get some more lights turned on, but I guess when you have a brain job by a 15-year-old going for $5 reais or about $2.80 US dollars, its hard on the boulevard.

And one more note, the class system is incredible there. From what I was told when I visited, the slave owners of Brazil, and the light-white skinned Brazilians run this town for five centuries. So when the reports come in of the people who are perishing I know who it is, poor, dark folk.

Kick a soccer ball on that one.

For real, I ask that Yeye Yemonja, the patron saint and revered African Goddess in Brazil, as well as Yeye Osun, have mercy on your children for they are suffering.

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