Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ig'nant Governors and Redneck Tendencies

Get to know Gov. Bob McDonnell

And his warm, fuzzy family

Somewhere in a governor's mansion in Virginia the ghosts of enslaved Africans are spitting on the graves of Confederate Soldiers.

So you already have heard the Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell wants a Confederate History Month to honor the soldier and side of the war that supported brutal slavery in honor of the 150th year anniversary of the start of the US Civil War.

He expects all Virginians to celebrate, or at the very least, understand if they don't agree. That includes all people, especially blacks who are 38 hot like fish grease ready to pour them yellow grits on his nuts.

Now if a that was a Hitler History Month, my fellow Jews would be fucking shit up. Oh, wait a minute, that damn fool, Bob McDonnell wouldn't know the difference between Hitler and the Confederacy. Probably because he so ig'nant he does not care to read the growing resentment to his decision.

I propose that we re-enact a revised grandfather clause that states all those who had ancestors that could not vote before the Civil War should impeach this fool out of office.

I scratch my head, trying to understand how Bubbas like Bob get elected. Clearly this product of incest is still fascinated by the lynching stories his grand-pappy told him while they had relations with the local ponies.

And to think, all some people had to do was leap over buildings, distance themselves from their blackness, and apologize every nanosecond to get elected into office.

6 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

The Janitor said...

Well stated. The arrogance displayed by this move is amazing. The cat actually said in his proclamation that people need to understand the importance of the "sacrifices" made by Confederate leaders and soldiers. As if these cats died for a worthy cause.


葉雅慧 said...

我們必須先有哭泣,才有歡笑;也必須先感到人生的悲哀,然後才感到人生的快樂。 ..................................................

ch555x said...

You can tell this place needs a serious upgrade. Celebrating something that lasted around 4 years* is some serious FAIL. If they want to celebrate being slaves to the Colonel, by all means have at it!

*it keeps popping up like a musty odor every d@mn year!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't compare him to people who actually are products of incest. Its insulting to them to be compared to something so lowly.

Eco.Soul.Intellectual said...

love everyone's comments! it seems as the deeper we go into the rabbit hole the more hidden ignorance we pull out of places that have been sitting in power-making decisions. now, much of the reverse-progression makes since when we find out the truths behind ppl. and to think the BET CEO supported him. we need a group that scrubs these politicians to get the real information.

Reggie said...

Pathetic isn't it.

The most pathetic aspect of this is that he actually thought it out before coming out with this.

He really shit the bed with this one.