Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bitch? Butch? Bitter Chick? Diva? Mammy? Who is Oprah Winfrey?

In 2003, a fellow writer who sold 2 million-plus copies told me that Oprah was a diva and a hater.

This writer was invited to talk about her book that provided tips on how to reignite a sexless marriage. BTW, I did Google her and found out that she indeed sold several million copies. Anywho, her book topic to be on the Oprah Winfrey Show was believable because I swear about 90 percent of Oprah's American viewers are housewives who are not getting fucked on the regular at home or with their garden hose.

As the story goes, this writer, who was a black woman was nixed in the "blue room" when Oprah took a look at her and saw she was a thick, black sister like herself. According to my source, Oprah said, "Who is this bitch?" And they promptly placed her on the Maury Povich Show or something like that. I asked the writer why she never blasted Oprah, and she logically explained what I already knew when she said, "If I said something about Oprah my writing career would be over."

Not only that, I know someone who went to Tennessee State University with Oprah and said she was an overly-aggressive, vociferous attention whore then who stopped at nothing to get in the limelight.

And, many women at TSU did not like her swagger, as well as the Alpha Kappa Alpha chapter that refused to allow her to pledge. Unbeknownst to them, she would be making all of them kiss her pinky ring years later. Plus she got Gail to lick (literally) all of her wounds and be her personal cheerleader.

Though O holds the dirty, little secret of not graduating from college, she does not need a degree. Why?

She got half of middle-America in her triple E bra cups.

O's media mafia power is no joke. Plus I swear she worked juju in the background because in the eyes of white housewives, she could do no wrong...until she brazenly endorsed Obama.

The story of O being uncouth and over-the-top seems to be corroborating with a biography that delves into the complex and covert life of O who specializes in expose, but just not of herself. Nevertheless, I will not be surprised if they squash this Kitty Kelley because Oprah's brand is more entrenched then Tiger Woods.

As the daughter of a Mississippian, I know O's story comes from her unquenchable drive to stay on top through attainment of money and love via a self-constructed public self that plays on the emotions of the mainstream. Meanwhile, every now and again, Oprah's Mississippi comes out and she pisses on the very power-structure that has validated and paid for her success.

Though I totally admire her savvy, I know she is a beast. Gotta be.

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Folk said...

Usually people who get to the level that O is at, they get there with a take no prisoners attitude.

Hell, the Oprah machine is so powerful, Folk fvcking scared to even post up at this b!tch about it. All us could disappear off the blogosphere without mention overnight.

I'm sure some of what's in the book has roots in truth, but as you stated, her O'ness has such control over the middle that I'm sure it won't even dent her brand, even if the book sells millions. O just don't have to acknowledge it exists.