Sunday, March 21, 2010

Now It's Time to Go Get Some Vaseline

Nigger, Faggot and Hitler were just some of words in the extensive vocabularies of teabaggers who spat hate-filled slurs at black and gay members of the Congress as they walked into the Capital in preparation of the Healthcare vote this weekend.

The highly un-intellectual DNA from clansmen and paddyrollers peaked as the tea party movement to block healthcare and all things socially progressive really showed its true from racism, homophobic, ignorant good Christians.

It is very interesting that they conveniently did that on the respectable halls of the Capitol. Now I must stress that if this were the Million Man March or the masses were a different tone, the Army would've been out with a shoot to kill command.

Nevertheless, the cowards who teabag for a hobby could only do such a thing and to those things to people in suits who are protecting public image; spitting profanities and spitting on Congress members is conveniently...but uhhh, go to Detroit and the story will be different.

And for Clarence Thomas, who probably sleeps well at night in the bosom of Virginia Thomas, his white, Teabagger wife, your self-hatred is so deep I actually feel sorry for Virgie. I think it was you who made her run to her fellow inbred redneckers.

She probably thought she was getting a Mandingo who would slap her and puller her hair as she cried out beastial fantasies, but she got your impotent, sorry ass. Poor Virgie, she thought she had a Tiger, but Thomas contains no spine whatsoever. Virgie probably calls Clarence every type of nigger there is and he just sits there and takes it because he is happy to be in her presence.

So, she reasoned that if she was going to get any satisfaction, may be it might be at a possible lynching where her sadistic, cruel inner core could sated.

Whatever the case, I am glad that Congressional officials are not afraid. These infantile scare tactics shows the imbecilic notions of US citizens who vote and move with underdeveloped humanity, and inherited racist ideals.

Hooray for those who are attempting to move with a backbone. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the Dems stepping up and passing some real shit without social decorum or courtesies to Repugnants. And I really abhor saying hope these days, so don't jinx me.

Whatever the case, public servants who are truely for serving the people's interests must be prepared to put on vaseline when needed. Or else, we will all get done up the ass without it.

3 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

I would respect more of the teabaggers more if they just came out and said what they were.....why bullshit around?!?

Damn!!! You think Clarence and Virginia really get down like that?!? I doubt it. If anything I'm sure they have good old fashioned military the left, to the right, to the left!!!

Now that....I believe.

EcoSoul said...

hhaaaaa, you're hilarious reggie. if they have sex at all. clarence looks like a great viagra candidate

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