Monday, March 29, 2010

Initiating Myself Into Myself

15 years ago Badu made it oh so fashionable to wear mile-high head wraps. Now she has reinvented her genius to make it savvy and chic for the big-booty sisters to strip to their essence to release their souls.

And goddammit, you might see me baring these DDs down in Brick City. Uhhh, fuck it, take me to South Jersey in KKK territory and let me introduce them to truth.

And what is the truth EcoSoul? The truth of the matter is, this country is so twisted, you have folk protesting against their interests. You know who I am talking about? Them folk declaring death threats over healthcare and other benefits when they are one welfare check from running out of unemployment.

This mob mentality is exactly what Erykah is speaking about in her song. It is so easy to move in a mob like a pack of hyenas, growling and targeting the weakest entity to attack.

I am ready for change and am stripping off my layers. It is the liberation I crave. Scuse me for being quiet on the blog, I have been meditating about life.

Be free and blog on, EcoScI

5 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Anna Renee said...

Hey EcoSoul! I thought I was looking at myself in light skinned version! I told myself I was bold as hell! And I did like me for being so bold!
Gotta love Erykah! And I doooo!
The song is magnificent.


Wow, I just discovered you today. I will definitely keep coming back.

ayankha said...

I think the video was awesome as was it's derivation (Lessons Learned)...brilliant!

I thought it ironic that you brought up her introduction of high head wraps to the mainstream. While watching the video intensely, I couldn't help but wonder about the symbolism of her leaving on her head cap/stocking. Or perhaps I should have viewed as her having taken off her wig at some point? Whatever the case, I wonder why she didn't unleash "the proof" (as Kola Boof calls the beautiful naps). I know she has shaved her head bald before, but it would have been fascinating to see her remove that cap. Fascinating because it seems as if it is easier for some women to go naked than to reveal their real hair...not a low fade, not bald, not a "natural" wig, etc. I don't think she's one of those women, but then again, you never know.

Anna Renee said...

I'm thinking maybe the stocking cap represented her naked head--a vulnerability for some black women who aren't natural

Reggie said...

Maybe we should all get naked, bare our souls and all that......though I'd prefer some people keep their clothes on.