Friday, March 12, 2010

An Effed Up Women's History Month

Ladies, let us slap some of these chickenheads.

First of all, puhleaze excuse my lapse in blogging. I have been crazy busy dodging and ducking creditors, plotting and planning my next academic move, and battling a bad case of cabin fever. This damn northern weather is depleting my needed Vitamin D.

I need some sun dammit!

Okay, so let me continue to vent.

So here we are in the middle of women's history month, and it hasn't been going so well for the ladies. Some women have been thrown under the bus or have willingly laid in the road, while others are off the chain, over the fence and around the corner with their ish.

Bowing Out Ungracefully
First off, let's talk about the [forced] resignation of Desiree Rogers as the White House Social Secretary.

The NY Times talks about Rogers' disappointment for being left out in the cold when her planning strategy went awry after some reality show media whores waltzed into a White House event without any invitations.

News also reported that some big heads on the Hill were not feeling her blinged out personality. Rogers, a known fashionista and Chicago socialite has posed for several fashion magazines, and attended NY's fashion week.

Nevertheless, she has turned out almost 400 events in 2009, more than what the social secetary did in the Bush Administration for his second term.

Okay, my conspiracy nose is a twitching here. I think people who crashed the WH soiree knew someone who finagled their entry. In efforts to crumble the Obama empire one soiled Administrative staff at a time, they made it seem like it was Desiree's mis-planning.

And yes, I know that folk with the tightest of ships can slip, but if you see how well put-together Desiree is and has been, she is the type of sister who never gets caught slipping.

My guess is that she was lifting up her skirt and pulling her panties to the side for a certain someone who's wife wasn't having that shit.

Overall, Desiree was in the wrong position. A CEO and head of Illinois lottery should not have been a glorified event planner. Desiree is not the type of chick who can play the back. She is meant to shine, and in my opinion was beginning to bling more than Michelle. Well, at least in the eyes of some folk in the White House

When White People Go Jihad
The news have been humming about these white folks going postal in the name of Al Qaeda. First Adamn, now Eve. Now this "terrorist" profiling is getting very interesting.

Colleen Rose, aka "Jihad Jane," a blonde-haired, blue-eye Jihadista from suburban Pennsylvania who is giving more than her share of sisterly love. JJ is talking about blowing up shit and talking to cats.

In the wise words of Paul Mooney, "What a waste of white flesh."

I say this because in many houses of single, black women who have been named the poorest chicks in America. To be a single, white female would enhance more than their social capital it would up the $5 median the Gazetta claims is are wealth.

Bruva, Can You Spare Me uh Dolla
According to the Gazette, as a single, black woman I should be on the ho stroll sellig my ass for 50 cents since most of us are pulling in a whoping 5 bucks.

I know exactly why this report came out. Black women are low in real estate ownership, and disproporionate earn less on jobs, as well as single black mothers rearing children solo. But I also know that these stats can never calculate the black woman's hustle.

With that said, my conspiracy ear is itching because I can't quite hear the ish the report is talking. Propaganda is a very powerful tool. My wealth is more than a dollar.
Nevertheless, black people need to re-read Marcus Garvey who emphasized economic empowerment.

Girlfriend You is Going to Jail
I cry for Detroit. Land of a Kwame "Fuck Up" Kilpatrick, the former mayor who was carried by his mother's name rather than his talent for great public leadership, Detroit has one foot on the grave and the other one on a banana peel.

Another thing about the "D" is notoriety for fights right in the city council and the mayor's mansion. Monica Conyers has been known to set it off numerous times during council meetings, but today, her nasty attitude and unwise decision to plea guilty has earned her two hot meals and a cot for 37 months on a bribery conviction.

However, Monica wasn't going down like a punk bitch. Oh hell to the naw. She is attempting to withdraw her guilty plea and demanded in anger during court preceedings that she was not going to jail for something she did not do. Of course that was after she blew kisses to her supporters.

Wow, only in Detroit can a nobody think they are God's gift to earth. A place that has so many abandoned and demolished housings it has developed urban prairies or former residential areas now overgrown by nature. The neglected former industry city is the muse for a new word for urban planners and will be the model for a lot of cities that will go partially lifeless due to the economic crisis.

Oh yes, change has been coming and unfortunately its on Bami's watch.

I hope the rest of the month isn't as bad as the first half, but at the rate this world is spinning, my insides tell me it will be worse.

Oh well. I'm still pushing and holding onto my sanity as I spin with life.

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Reggie said...

Desiree Rogers is supposed to be slobbing on the presidential knob?!? I don't see it....then again, those eyes look like they've got tales to tell. By the way, I like the lifted skirt panties to the side line......very nice. I actually got a flashback of my own with that one.

I love it when blonde haired, blue eyed people declare jihad, that shits funny as hell!!!


.50?!? You could get at least a dollar, hold out for more!!!