Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Black Love Day!

Years ago I got this African-centered calendar that listed black holidays all over the world. Feb. 13 was called, 'Black Love Day." Catchy and I loved the idea, but I always thought it was similar to the celebration like Kwanzaa, a black Christmas that still puts money in non-black businesses and mocks black tradition with fake Kente cloth everywhere

However, I came across a video where a woman who says she invented Black Love Day explains that it consists of 24 Hours of meditation and thoughts toward healing, love of self and black people, and healing away racism. Black Love Day is for everyone, and it is FREE!

I have dropped the video after a cute vignette I saw on Youtube called, Negro Love (A Romance).
Good music with a simple and sweet message.

Black Love Day, 24 Hours of Healing Mediation

2 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Devona said...

Let's see how many people actually subscribe to this concept. I think it is a great idea to set aside a day for some self-reflecting and meditating on relationships. I think black people would grow in their relationships with one another.

BTW, Love the new look of the blog!!!

Reggie said...

I really enjoyed the first video, it was sweet.