Thursday, January 14, 2010

Under the Layers of Rubble in Haiti

This above photo is actually part of a Voodoo ceremony in Haiti. I was just tired of seeing the disparaging photos. I am having Hurricane Katrina flashbacks.

Where do I start with Haiti? Similar with the question of people who are attempting to help, we are also asking, “Where do we start,” with this forgotten and politically scourged country.

The layers of rubble of which many are buried is an excellent analogy to Haiti and its complicated and disturbing history on the island, and with the rest of the world.

For many years, Haiti's declaration as an all-black island that accepted any black of the world to become a Haitian citizen, there have been embargoes against it from every slave holding country.

But that is just one of the many layers that is Haiti; however, I must stress, the rubble does not represent chaos or rubbish, but the complexities that still are untwined.

Though there is much sorrow, this is an excellent time for us to put pressure on the United States to change the immigration laws for Haitians.

Also, this is an opportunity for us to regain a semblance of our humanity by helping others in our time of need.

Additionally, we need to be conscious about ensuring that this tragedy wakes us up that we are all connected. The misery in Haiti is our misery.

As well, I must say, no country has backbone like Haiti. Literally from shambles, ingenuity, and unmatchable will this country that has been shunned by so many still exists.

The last thing I must say is “Shame on America” and “Shame on black people in the Western Hemisphere,” that have turned their backs on a country that single-handedly played a part in emancipation of African slaves.

If we would have been more invested in re-developing a country that gave so much for freedom, Haiti would not be in this situation.

Shame on the Dominican Republic who fucks Haiti regularly and acts like they are not cousins (and are actually white or whiter or more Latin) on an islant that they share with Haiti.

Shame on Jamaica who shunned Haitian refugees and Haiti when it’s former Prime Minister hosted ousted Haitian president, Jean Bertrand Aristide after the coup.

Shame on the West Indies who pillories Haiti.

Shame on African-Americans who absolutely have no clue about Haiti and are still attaching Haitians to AIDS.

I say this because five years ago I was a part of a relief aid to Haiti that deflated like a woman’s breasts. After a whole bunch of political crap between African-Americans who were trying to get their name in lights for this effort, the Haitian representative struggled to get the supplies out of Haitian customs because local authorities wanted huge payoffs for the containers that were shipped.

And so we dismissed the situation, including myself.

Haiti once again became this ugly dot in our minds that was best left alone.

We stopped demanding that more development go into Haiti.

We did not pay attention to the protests from Haitians who complained that UN military from Brazil and Pakistan were raping women and girls.

We did not continue to put more pressure on demanding that Christian missionaries stop using Haitian orphans, especially boys in the sex tourism trade and for their organs to be sold in a black market for body parts in first world countries.

And here we are watching in horrific silence making small donations to God knows where and shaking our heads.Get up and do something dammit.

Oh yeah, by the way, fuck you Pat Robertson you racist devil worshipper.

And one more thing, do not forget the bankers testifying on Capitol Hill today. Interesting how an incident can divert the other.

Blog back, EcoSoul

5 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Goddess Intellect said...

This whole inccident has left me speechless...
I dont know any Haitians personally but ppl talk a lot of shit about them. The same ppl who talk that shit are thinking that their $5 donation is gonna blanket all the political drama & make everything better.
I dont know call me a cruel bitch but I'm not donating $.
I'd rather help out by offering my time..but for some odd reason I dont even want to do that.
I got issues.
But I co-sign FUCK YOU Pat Robertson kiss my black ass!

甜心 said...


EcoSoul said...

Goddess Intellect you do have issues. With this post, very deep ones I see. But with someone who is so negative and ill-informed about Haiti and the situation, it is best that you don't offer anything.

Goddess Intellect said...

Ok I think my message came across the wrong way...very wrong. I looked back on that and was like ummmm wow bad day?
I think what I was trying to point out was that I’ve observed people who once talked ish about Haitians all of a sudden thinking that by throwing a measly text message donation at the situation that it somehow erases their feelings towards the nation & the issues on immigration etc.
I’m overwhelmed by the news. But I am also overwhelmed at the news of any disaster that leaves women and children stranded without homes, it seems like every time I look at the news something’s going down (Philippines, India)It leaves one feeling helpless.
I have a heap of canned goods and clothes I can donate…I need to get off my ass and stop thinking stupid…
Thanks for the wakeup call

Reggie said...

I went online last night and donated money to the American Red Cross for the Haitian cause. I was surprised when I spoke with many of my friends today and found very little desire to help these people of color. Charity begins at home and tomorrow is another day. One never knows when the shoe will be on the other foot. My heart goes out to the Haitian people and also those that are incapable of caring when they see so much suffering going on not that far off the coast of Florida.

I'm glad to see that the American people themselves have donated millions of dollars thus far to this cause. It's interesting to see our government now respond to a tragedy in someone else's country; quicker and with more concern than was shown towards our own people along the
Gulf Coast and in New Orleans just a few short years ago.

Caring is sharing. I encourage everyone who hasn't done so thus far to give whatever you can to this effort.