Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shiftess Negro ALERT! Warning, ladies please run away from this man upon sight

I am not going to front.

I was very interested in seeing Fantasia's reality show, "Fantasia for Real," for many reasons, but when I saw the relationship between she, her mother and her brother "Teeny" in the above photo, I vomitted in my mouth.

This shows the epitome of the evolution of slave behavior manifesting in today's black males as irresponsible, leecherous, useless negros who are enabled and coddled by black women.

If 2009, put black males on the "soon to be extinct" list, this fool's portrayal has provided the nail and hammer for the coffin.

Viacom is making a killing out of exploiting young, black female singers struggling with their fleeting careers, and who lack consistent father figures and good sense. First we have Keyshia Cole (who doesn't know her daddy); Monica (Arnold), who had a fluctuating relationship with her father; now we have the semi-literate, Fantasia Barrino (who has not mentioned her father at all).

The plot is all the same. Barrino, like Cole, depend on the advice of opportunistic black male managers who pimpin' em, since pimpin' been pimpin'. Monica's manager is her female cousin.

While Cole had a manager that set up counseling sessions with unethical counselors that included a pastor, Barrino's reality show broadcasts her struggle with literacy (she has a 7th grade reading level) and passing the GRE.

How can I tell these young, black, talented, and ill-informed sisters that the dysfunctional family act, the dumb chick act is reserved for people like Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, and Sarah Palin.

But Fantasia's brother in last night's debut of her reality series put southern black men back by about ohhh, two centuries, right into the era of blackface and Sambo-ism.

According to Fantasia, her Aunt Bunny, and Teeny himself, he has not had a job, does not plan on getting a job, and has been living off of Fantasia's money and fame since she won American Idol.

That's down-right fucked up.

I was looking at the show and thinking. This shit is not funny, and it is not cool.

I guess with every, dumb redneck brandishing AK-47s on Youtube, we have the Teeny's of the world, showing off live and in color.

Umph-umph-umph, expect to see Fantasia's career crash, again, if some serious intervention is not given. And I really am pulling for her, in an awkward distant cousin kind of way.
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Goddess Intellect said...

Wow..last I heard about Fantasia she was on broadway...I thought she'd be ok- damn son!
Again for the ten millionth time I am oh so grateful that I cut off my cable...I've noticed this pattern too Eco, its sickening...I'm surprised you didnt mention Tiny & Toya...yea Tiny may have some what of a father figure in her life...but uhhhh to me the pattern of exposing & glamorization of ignorance is consistent with the other black women reality shows.
I dont know what to say...this is disappointing...she is so talented.

EcoSoul said...

thanks GI, i was thinking of mentioning Tiny & Toya. and come to think of it, Toya (Lil Wayne's babby daddy) is the one who had a father that wasn't there; hence, she did get pregnant at 12 or 13.

Reggie said...

That's all WE needed, another shuffling fool that REPRESENTS black men. What a goddamned shame!! As a people we need to close ranks on these geechie fools.

Sounds like The Color Purple on crack.

I am not Star Jones said...

Fast forward to December 2011: Fantasia explaining in Essence why doing her reality show was a big mistake and that once again, she was duped.

When Fantasia wakes up and becomes tired of her brother and his shenanigans is when she will treat him like an equal instead of a child.

Until then, why shouldn't she pimp his pathology for a little profit?