Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Missy Gets Pissy: The Woods' and the Case of Double Standard Domestic Violence

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this photo of Elin Woods tells Tiger Woods)

When Rihanna and Chris Brown's domestic violence incident hit the media, feminist organizations and middle-class mothers who watch Oprah were all over it. They wanted blood and Brown's testicles in a black'n blue hue. I could see it now, furious well-manicured house moms snatching their daughters' iPods and banning, "With You."

Today Chris Brown is hoping to fill up a 500-seater auditorium, to hell with Madison Square Garden.

What happens when it is reverse? In the case of Tiger Woods, absolutely nothing. In fact, it becomes a comedic moment for mainstream news and bloggers.

Not only is this double standard bullshit, it brings to question who really wants change and domestic violence to end when both genders are not held accountable for irresponsible and destructive actions.

Domestic violence against men is not only underreported, but not taken seriously by authories, or the public.

This translates to gutter-bucket women not only getting away with assault and battery, but even in some cases, them using the fact that the police will believe their side before their male companions and getting innocent men locked up.

I know several males who have dated the wrong woman and got the shortest end of any stick. A record and anger management classes that were based on lies.

Women who specialize in targeting professional athletes as meal tickets really need to take notes from Elin Woods and consider golf and hockey...well maybe not hockey, they are more likely to walk away with three teeth.

9 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

ayankha said...

Absolutely! I think this is the POV of many folks around the way.

What's more is that a) police chose to drop the investigation & fine HIM, and b) there's speculation that his endorsements and such will take a hit as well. All the while Rihanna's stock went up and she got an award for Woman of the Year (for her stand against DV?!?!).

Anna Renee said...

Well she was a victim of DV! It took a while, but she did speak out against it and dropped the man! Just what many young people, men and women needed to see! So many simply throw young people under the bus in the integrity sphere! As for Tiger Woods, he ought to speak out against the abuse he's suffered! Then speak out against cheating on your mate!!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I wish people would just stick to the facts in the Tiger Woods case.
Yes on the surface the situation looks a little shady.
But not being a eyewitness as to what actually happen,I say everyone mind their own damn business and fix your own house.

Ecosoulintellectual said...

thank you all for your comments.

anna renee, i am not disputing rihanna's domestic violence victimization. i take this situation very seriously; but it is very ironic how she is now using that as a publicity stunt for records. to me this undermines dv more than pushes the issue. and

bigmac, t. woods is in the business of show business and signed up for the exposure. all of the plastic surgery that elin has received and that nice fancy mansion and things are from ENDORSEMENTS to the public, not necessarily winds.

it is interesting how some personal affairs like the birth of his baby are celebrated, but this domestic issue (including the cheating which is so typical of celebs) needs to be kept "in house."

plus, being a person in the media, even eyewitnesses get hushed.

Anna Renee said...

@BigMacInPittsburgh: (in her best Beadibead voice) Mannn! Don't take the TigerWoods fiasco so personally! The blogosphere is for us to talk about stuff! And this is some stuff sho nuff! (in her best Shenaenae voice) For real, tho! I aint no prosecutor, man!
PS: My house is fixed already! ;-D

@Ecosoulintellectual: Point taken!

Goddess Intellect said...

Omg I just realized we were on the same brain wave yesterday HA!!
Keep em coming you already know I co-sign with you on this one!!!

RiPPa said...

I think the interracial dynamic doesn't lend itself to the promotion of an anti-domestic violence agenda. And to me that is just downright wrong.

Reggie said...

All I want to know is if she called him a nigger when she was swinging that club and going upside that brother's dome.

......but seriously..........

Domestic violence is a serious issue, unlike my comments above; and whether it's a man or woman and whether they feel justified or not......doesn't really matter. When either party crosses the line, it's a problem. There is no behavior in a relationship that justifies violence.......none.

Reggie said...
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