Thursday, December 3, 2009

NJ Nets Need Newark Love

I made history with the Nets last night. I was one of the sparsely seated audience (I dare not say fan) who took the giant step with the Nets garnering their horrible record of 18 straight losses in the first 18 games of the season.

I swear it looked like one of my old high school games. Lots of ass whooping by the Mavericks and the poor Nets were just running up-and-down the court without a clue. Hell, I felt like going onto the court and hacking Jason Kidd like I used to do as an off-guard who rarely got off the bench.

But I refrained. Tiger is already hemmed up on some bullshit. Allen Iverson has been humbled by going back to the 76ers at 100 years old (in NBA league years). How many other black athletes need to be shamed this week?

As I ate nasty french fries in the Izod Center last night, I was doing the classic black woman noise with famous phrase right after, "umph, umph, umph, this is a damn shame."

But Imma tell you what the problem is, the Nets need to permanently relolcate to Newark's Prudential Center. Word was that they were supposed to come this season because ticket sales were horrible.

To test out the move, there were two pre-season games in Newark and they sold out, even though the Nets did the predictable, lost both games; however, somewhere down the line someone pulled back on the deal and they are still at the stale Izod Center.

Now when they were in Newark, it was on and poppin'. Ain't no party like a Newark party! In the midst of them losing I had soooo much fun. The fries, the wine and the funnel cake were delicious.

Since there isn't shit to do in Newark, we were all happy to be engaged in something at the Prudential other than dodging the police during hockey night.

Too bad the white folks who had to trek over from Hackensack were scared. Oh well, comes with the territory.

Nets need to bring that ass here to Newark. Kiesha, Rahsaun and dem waiting. Holla!

1 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

Reggie said...

The first thing that someone on the Nets needs is a jumpshot.

By the way, I lived in Jersey for the better part of 7 years, so I know you paid entirely too much for those french fries.

At least the Nets are first in something, even if it's losing.