Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 an Unfortunate Year for Black Men

Barack H. Obama kicked it off.

He was this cool and collected, Ivy-leagued educated individual who openly played basketball and dissected national policy between hoop shots and presidential candidacy debates.

Healthy, proud, intelligent black men were envogue.

All eyes were on the specimen that has been tagged, profiled, and degraded in unmeasurable ways.

Suddenly, the brothers were popping up everywhere other than sports. We saw black men as news commentators to panel discussants to CEOs. They all became the face of something other than a mug shot.

And black men, for once, were able to breathe, a little, as America fought for their humanity and applauded their leadership.

Ahhh we thought, but for how long? Oh, not too long.

Obama who was lifted up in high-esteem has now been scraped from under every damn bus you can imagine. His backbone, somewhere surfing in Hawaii.

Folk from every walk of life who swore he was going to do something are frustrated and very disappointed. This air of discontent provides excellent breeding for more anti-Obama rhetoric that has consistently been vehemently racist, volatile, and inaccurate.

And then report after report flooded the news of all types of black men who were taking hits from their temporary star status. And this time there was no discrimination. All brothers, from coons to cool and everything in between got twisted in these interesting and disturbing ways.

Van Jones, who enjoyed a very brief tenure as White House Environmental advisor, was quickly cut up and dismissed.

Tiger Woods, the highest paid athlete in the world, who is now in rehab, has totally shattered his life and is now known as the whore magnet to working white trashy chicks with horrible blonde tints and fake tits.

Former Detroit mayor and ex-convict, Kwame Kilpatrick (dumb ass) is now the face of urban apocalypse in America.

Kanye West became the negro you'd love to hate when he grabbed the microphone from Lily, pristine, innocent Taylor Swift.

Chris Brown was crowned, "woman beater of the year," and became the lesson for all emotional disturbed white feminists and domestic violence classes while Charlie Sheen's knife-to-the-throat act has been swept under the rug.

Lil Wayne, T.I., Lil Boosie, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, NAS, Kid Cudi, and damn near half of black male rappers were either convicted, arrested, or shot.

FOX who has mastered all gutter tactics in propaganda fired back by guest black male commentators to speak against any-and-all Obama. Established coons such as: Larry Elder, Shelby Steele, Armstrong Williams, John McWhorter (gagging right now), Earl Ofari Hutchinson (on-the-fence buffoon), and my current unfavorite, Juan "Porch Monkey" Williams have kept the ball of house-negroism rolling.

Though they claim they are boot-strapped and successful, they validate the racist structures they so coldly defend.

But when Republican National Committee responded to the Democratic's "HNIC" by electing Michael Steele, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland as their chairman, the house negroes quickly understood that they are simply pawns.

Steele was stunting like a peacock and talking big shit about how RNC was going to change and include more minority visibility and blah, blah, blah. Sounded like good sound bites until he challenged "Good ole boy" and admitted drug addict, radio host Rush Limbaugh's leadership deft. Shortly thereafter, Steele's chest was deflated and he was silenced.

If you didn't know, all the members of the Congressional Black Caucus are currently under investigation. From what I've heard, it is a political move because most of them are ranked high due to seniority (though all of them need to be ashamed of their bullshit).
But let's talk about Congressman William Jefferson out of Louisiana for his corruption conviction due to taking charges from a Nigerian "businessman." Then had the audacity to run and win in the midst of the mayhem.

And do you remember the stinky little situation between Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr and Roland Burris on the scandal regarding who got to take Obama's senate seat after his election. It resulted in an FBI investigation that shut up Jackson real quick.

As well, how could Congressman Charles Rangel out of New York, the most tenured representative, and the most powerful, "forget" to pay his taxes from rental income.

From the troubles, tragedies and bad judgements seen in Plaxico Burress, to Michael Vick, to Chris Henry, to Allen Iverson's groveling, and finally, Tiger Woods, the black male athlete's image has been minimalized to nothing more of a brute.

A $40 million dollar slave, as William C. Rhoden accurately points out. Black athletes have money, but lack fiscal and political wealth because they have yet to conjure the courage to break free of the imprisoning entertainment sports system that has dictated their every move since they were dreaming to make it big in middle school.

Add on scandalous affairs and ugly divorces, Michael Vick and Tiger Woods represent where black male athletes will be deduced to, miniscule contracts and public images that are at the mercy of franchise shareholders and sponsorship.

My brothers had a rough year, from Gods to Dogs in a matter of seconds.

And this is just a side note. Why in the hell does Al Sharpton still have the nasty perm in his hair?

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