Sunday, September 6, 2009

From Savior to Anti-Christ: Setting Up Obama's Political Crucifixion

This week was the final straw, I gotta talk about the prediction I made before Obama got into office. My father and I have these wonderful political talks. In one of our conversations when we were talking about America and Obama, I said that Obama is being portrayed as a Savior now, but will be crucified as the anti-Christ down the road.

And with this past weeks rising rejection of some school districts and some (ig'nant ass) parents in allowing their children to hear a speech from the President of the United States directed towards the youth is an ante up towards a metaphorical lynch mob.

Here is a man with two daughters and is the damn President, and the message that is insinuiated is that Obama is some kind of sex offender or big bad bully that will brainwash or force children to do things they should not.

The surveillance of black males is astonishing, even when they are in the "highest" political position of the most powerful nation. This goes to show you that there is something more powerful moving and shaping things as they please...or at least they try.

Albeit, this group of people who swear they will yank their children out of school before they allow the President to address their children are not the majority voicing their opinion; however, as the "objective" media depicts them, these groups are portrayed as an unstoppable tidal wave that is growing stronger by the minute. And it all began with a tear drop from Glenn Beck.

Wow, where was this type of media during all the protests and 911 commissions. Oh, they were there, they just were holding the footage in an attempt to attack forward thinking White House staff like Van Jones, who told America what black people already thought of George W, he has "crack-head" and thuggish behavior.

How does the president become the Boogeyman in 7 months? Or better yet, Candyman. Do you remember that movie? It was about an urban monster that was really a wandering black male spirit who was tortured and killed for consorting with a white woman during slavery. His affection and expression of love during dangerous social and political times was twisted into a monstrosity that even hood kids were scared off.

Though I disagree with some points about Healthcare (I'll discuss later), the ways in which these people are acting reeks the stank of institutionalized and blatant racial issues. Metaphorical KKK robes and Swastikas are sadly materializing in front of our eyes.

Real issues with the country's operations are being overlooked, since people have re-imagined and re-created race wars.

People are starving. People are homeless. People are unemployed. Children are sick and sad. People are desparate. And this type of poverty has been going on for years in some areas! But nooooo, all people want to do is spew sublimally hateful messages based on race and religion.

Then there are those who are throwing fuel onto the fire of racial tensions that have not allayed since Obama's win. People are consciously and sub-consciously operating with the notion that people of African descent are inferior and a black person in a leadership position is inferior thus causing the country to collapse when the bitch has been collapsing since the Declaration of Independence excluded freedom for all.

But all you gotta get is some folk who think they have privelege. Get them to do the dirty work of the few who are master manipulators and puppeteers that are laughing as they see all working class, lower class and so-called middle class, fighting for crumbs and keeping the machine of crazy world cranking.

After they warn the public to keep their children from Obama, what's next? God-fearing, pure White Women? If his mama was alive, I know she would bitch-slap some of her folk. But thank God we have Michelle. She bench presses every morning with at least 20 fuck-you's for'em all.

5 ish talking intellectuals holla at a sista:

RiPPa said...

Hell yeah with Michelle and them bench presses! Fuck 'em all is how I feel too. But you know what's funny? I love the way people, "certain people", are running around saying this isn't about race whatsoever.

Ain't that a bitch?

EcoSci said...

yeah rippa. i was watching CNN last night and they interviewed a white couple who had children. well the woman cried when she was speaking about Obama speaking to her children. i was like, say it, say it lady. you know you want to. say it, nigger. ahhh, now doesn't that feel better. this is the shit i'm talking about. but oh noooo, they can have revolts staged "tea parties" but the only thing brown is the tea bags. that's why i want them to tea bag on Obama's ya'know.

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

I watched the McLaughlin group last night and these dip shits were actually asking whether racism is still in existence in the US! They showed part of Obama's address to the NAACP and asked whether the dismal statistics for African Americans re: unemployment, health issues, infant mortality, etc were actually the result of racism. This isn't Faux News here! But even dude from National Review couldn't deny that the R monster is alive and well.

Reggie said...

Sad isn't it?!? I'm not really surprised either with the way that the right is portraying our president; but you have to remember that these are the same clowns that applauded the antics of the previous administration. Before it's all said and done, I'm sure our president will be respected and beloved by most Americans.

When I sit back and think about the shenanigans of the previous administration and compare them to the innuendos associated with the current has to chuckle or at least giggle their motherfucking asses off!!!

EcoSci said...

well said, all of you. i concur, i concur, i concur