Friday, July 24, 2009

“Roses Really Smell Like Boo-Boo” in the Garden State

Something is reeking in New Jersey and it is not country flowers. If you did not know, yesterday, FBI and IRS agents arrested over 40 people for allegedly being involved in a money laundering and bribery network that ran from Israel to New Jersey.

Some of the arrestees consisted of three mayors (Hoboken, Seacaucus, Ridge), a deputy mayor (Jersey City), two state legislatures, and a handful of rabbis who allegedly funneled money through yeshivas and non-profit organizations, and were involved in other illegal activities.

As well, New Jersey’s Commissioner of the Department of Community Affairs, unexpectedly resigned on the same day the arrests took place and right after the FBI ran up into his home to search his residence for possible evidence related to the case.

On the surface, this looks like a dismal blow to the Democrats who have been enjoying a consistent flow of Republican politicians screwing up in the media. With the shoe on the other foot, it might be the Democrats once again, not knowing how to handle blow jobs, funny money and ruthless red elephants shitting in the blue donkey’s stall.

But my conspiracy theory nose is twitching in this “age of transparency” because these busts, just so happened to occur, right as the gubernatorial race for New Jersey is beginning to heat up and get very interesting.

Democrat, John Corzine who is the current governor is also seeking re-election. According to news reports, he is said to not be doing well in the polls. Corzine is up against political bulldog and self-proclaimed corruption ball-buster, Christopher Christie, the former U.S. Attorney for District of New Jersey who left his job for the election sometime last year.

(photo caption: Christie doing the Durty Jersey jig when he convicted former Newark mayor. Are you supposed to celebrate like that?)

Christie is an unforgettable face because the Star Ledger paper took a photo of him celebrating the conviction of former Newark mayor, Sharp James, in 2008. While Christie served in his former position as a big-wig attorney, his stance against those in public office who “betray [ed] public trust” was that they all should go to prison. Oh really, all of them, or your political foes?

So why is it that a 2-year sting operation comes out right before elections?

In this recent sting operation, reports have confirmed that this investigation started while Christie was still serving as a U.S. District Attorney. He knew what the deal was then and he knows that this is a one-up to help him now.

What nice timing to expose these bribes, or alleged bribes! I tell you something is foul in the air.

As a new resident of Jersey, I am still trying to understand the deep layers of corruption that are thoroughly and in most cases, openly, intertwined into every facet of every institution in the state. To me, this is just a fight over who will control the honey pots, and if it is the conservatives I think I might have to move to Philly.

If you would’ve seen some of these Conservatives and Republicans when Obama won last Fall, you would’ve thought you had just witnessed the reading of the Emancipation Proclamation in Confederate country along a dusty Georgia road. And it wasn’t just the old heads, but younguns’ vying to seek revenge for the “stupid” Americans who voted for the Moslem.

Now do I think that bribery was involved? Uhh, yeah, most likely somebody’s palms were being rubbed very well. Maybe I’m pissed that they were not mine. Could help pay some of these $80,000 loans. On second thought, I'll pass, maybe I can win something free on Oprah today.

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Reggie said...

Ah yes, Jersey, the garden state.

Yeah, that sounds like the Jersey I know. I lived in New Jersey from 1998 to 2005 and there were many things about it that I appreciated and a few things that I won't miss. Where I lived in Maplewood and Madison and Bloomfield it was rather nice; but there are many places in Jersey where if they ever give the world an enema, they'll be sure and stick the tube. The corruption in Jersey is just part of the overall process. It is what it is.