Thursday, June 4, 2009

Socio-Culturo-Politico Thursdays: Why They Still Hatin' on the Chocolate Sisters

Driving on the 280 in Jersey I finally get to really hear the lyrics of Lil Wayne and Drake's latest radio song, "Every Girl". It starts out with Weezy saying, "I like a long-haired thick red bone." For those of you who do not know what a red bone is, it is a slang word for a fair-skinned, black person such as Lil Wayne's latest baby mama Lauren London. Why Lauren? Why?

And then Drake (who looks like he is quite the flamer) goes on to describe the woman he wants to sex as a "caramel skin long hair thick ass." The next description is a "butter pecan Puerto Rican."

I cannot argue with people's preferences, but this colorism and complexion tripping is so tired. To continue to maintain a fair-skinned black woman as the standard and epitome of black beauty totally dismisses the fact that most people who identify as being black or of African descent are quite the opposite. Then, it perpetuates the "brighter-lighter" fallacy of white supremacy and places codes on terms. For instance, when you big up a brown beauty, you are stigmatized as being "conscious," or going against the mainstream grain. There have been a list of issues with brown women not being cast in the media or neglected starting with Vogue Magazine that has had only a handful of black women on the cover anyway.

Why should I care about Vogue? Actually, I don't, but in the age of "diversity" there are chocolate girls and sisters who worship a magazine that either animalizes their beauty, but for the most part, totally disregards African aesthetics.

Lil Wayne and his tired New Orleans ass needs a root put on him and I don't know why Drake is crooning about the type of girl he likes, when clearly, his love of fish is really a fetish for beef.

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